Best Bluetooth Splashproof Shower and Outdoors Speaker Review – Omaker M4

by Linus 0

We have reviewed a bunch of shower/outdoors Bluetooth speakers and the Omaker M4 is definitively one of the better ones. Find out more in our full review.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker: VIDEO REVIEW

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review: UNBOXING

IMG_6389 IMG_6390The contents include the a micro USB cable for charging, AUX cable for non-Bluetooth devices, instruction manuals and a nice detachable handle.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review: DESIGN and FEATURES

The selling point of the Omaker M4 speaker is its IP54 splash-proof and dust-proof rating meaning that you can use it in the shower or in the rain, or outdoors but you can’t submerge it under water. Also, the speaker is shock-proof, so it should survive some gentle drops too.
The device is really well made and it uses a high quality rubberised plastic in its construction. Also, it is sturdy, feels great in the hand but what surprised me most was the fact that is very light.
On the top we have volume up/down, which also double as skip tracks buttons, answer call and power keys.
Since the speaker is splash-proof, micro USB port for charging and aux input are covered by a flap, which is very easy to open and close.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review: PAIRING

What’s cool about the Omaker M4 is that you can pair it very easily either using the Bluetooth or you can do it even easier using the NFC. All you have to do is to tap your NFC compatible phone to the speaker and you are good to go.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review: SOUND QUALITY

3W of volume output doesn’t make this speaker the loudest I’ve heard but it is still very loud for its size. What is more important here is the sound quality.
Honestly, I was immediately blown away by the balanced sound, depth and the fact that there were no sound distortions even at the highest volume setting. I have to tell you that Omaker M4 is definitely one of the best speakers of this size I’ve tested.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review: TEST NOTES

I didn’t have any Bluetooth range or connectivity issues. Also, the battery life is impressive. I could get over 10 hours of playback time while using the speaker at almost highest volume settings.
As far as the hands-free calling feature, it works pretty good too. I was able to make a clear and audible conversation and people on the other end didn’t complain at all.

Omaker M4 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review: CONCLUSIONS

So, there you have it, Omaker M4 Bluetooth speaker. The best way to describe it: high quality sound; tiny, yet powerful.
The speaker is well made, it is very compact and super lightweight, and it has a very good battery life. Also, I’ve put it through hell while testing and I can assure you it will survive water sprays for all directions.
Finally, Omaker M4 may not be the cheapest speaker in this category at the price of $33 but it is well worth the price considering the overall package you are getting.