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A Closer Look At The Top Features Of UMi Touch

by Shine Wong 43

1. Front Placed Fingerprint Sensor

umi touch

Why I like a front fingerprint scanner? The answer is simple. Because it’s in the ideal position where my thumb would naturally rest!

2. Metal unibody design & quality build

umi touch

Despite having a better camera and a bigger battery, the UMi TOUCH looks more svelte than before. That’s partly because UMi TOUCH has implanted the golden ratio R criterion curve from iPhone 6s and the seamless metal unibody design from Xiaomi note 3.

The combination of iPhone 6s and Xiaomi Note3, UMi TOUCH is an exceptionally good-looking phone, and it comes in 3 very nice colors too.

3. The battery’s massive – 4,000mAh

umi touch

Not only is the battery much bigger than the one in the UMi IRON PRO – it’s a 4,000 mAh model.

The bigger battery plus the various optimization that Android Marshmallow brings – the UMi TOUCH ships with Marshmallow 6. – means the UMi TOUCH should have exceptional battery life compared with its predecessors and rival devices.

4. You Get A Great Sony Exmor Camera

umi touch

The UMI Touch has 13 M-pixel camera with quality Sony’s Exmor R IMX328 sensor, support Panorama mode/ live 3D mode/ Gif mode / motion track mode.

While its frontal camera is a 5 M-pixel Hynix Hi553 with a flashing for better selfies.

5. Dual SIM dual standby, MicroSD support up to 128GB

umi touch

For those of us who like to shoot full-res photos, make home movies and install as many apps as we like, no amount of built-in storage is ever enough, so UMi TOUCH makes us very happy because it gives us 128 GB of extra storage.

For those who like to have two SIM cards, one for private and one for business, UMi TOUCH does not let us down because it gives us two slots for two different SIM cards!

6. Android 6.0 the latest from Google

umi touch

UMi TOUCH comes with Android 6.0 right out of the box. This is not it as the phone supports up to 5 different customs ROMs which is just as easy as one tap installation via ROOTJOY, a pc manager tool for all UMi smart phone developed by UMi.

7. Decent Price at $179.99

umi touch

UMi TOUCH is arriving at the global market on 20 March. You can make a pre-order on a new smartphone in silver or dark grey color already with a nice extra – free delivery. The UMI Touch will be priced in retail just at USD 179.

Overall UMi TOUCH is a value for money smartphone as it comes with Octa-core CPU, 3GB RAM, 4000mAh big battery, premium metal unibody, ideal front fingerprint scanner, 128GB expandable memory, Sony camera and the latest Android 6.0. Not a bad device, for $179!

Learn more about the Umi Touch, please visit official site.


1. Coolicool ($146.99)


2. Geekbuying ($149.99)

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  • greg

    I just don´t feel the price tag is great ,with all the new phones that have been released in these past months , it is a tough sale

    • Jacogerni

      what are the new phones you think they share the same price tag with similar spec?

  • finney

    looks very nice, similar design like meizu mx5

  • Wolvie

    If Umi touch is using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 or 652 then i can say it is a reasonable price.

    But if they still using low end processor mediatek like MTK6735 or 6753 ,etc then their price is not attractive enough as other china brands also sell at same price or even lower. Of course certain features will be different like camera, fingerprint,…bla bla blaa blaaaack sheep. For me those extra features looks like marketing gimmics. I seldom see china phone have a great camera with low light , but since their price is cheap then i will not complain much.

    So only if you desperately need nice looking smartphone casing then you can buy this model.
    For me it is like buying a kia engine but put inside a nice BMW casing. It is beautiful indeed but slow *sigh*

    My 2 cents only, i always can be wrong.

    • Jacogerni

      hey you are looking at a flagship, not low end phone. fingerprint and camera is gimmic for you? isn’t it the standard spec for nowadays highend smartphone? i personally would go from 6753 since it’s much more stable then going on helio p10. plus helio phones increase the price for sure.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      SD650 in a $150 phone? Not gonna happen man. Better extend your budget to $200-$220.

      • balcobomber25

        You mean like the Redmi Note 3 which has a SD650 and starts at $150?

        • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

          I don’t keep an eye on Redmi Note 3, but if it starts @$150 it’s an incredible deal.

          • balcobomber25

            The starting price in India is 9,999 INR which is $150.62.

          • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

            For Note?

          • balcobomber25

            Nope the Note 3 but that is the price in India, resellers will be a bit more.

          • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

   I just searched and indeed the price in India is like that. Sadly I’m looking to the retail prices because I live in Europe.

  • gelete

    fantastic metal design that you cannot find in all other similar phone maker. Specs are decent and I think that put front finger print is a perfect choose and the big battery will be perfect for users who use phone during all day

  • yash0809

    I somehow do agree with gelete. i dont find any other brand has anything simliar as this offer. they are currently on presale for 149$ which is a great deal!

  • Jawey2050

    I agree with gelete and yaah. For me, the best feature is the battery. I’m a person who is working with phone during all day and having this battery I will not have problem of battery. Also if I see specs then I can see that is the perfect phone for me

  • metalboyz

    can you make h2h with meizu m1 metal?

    they are at the same price point and same design obviously.
    despite that meizu metal have better qc, better aftersales, better community, better/complete sensor and better soc obviously.
    but i wonder how the battery life and camera performance are?

  • TarhonyaSzelet

    I think this is a really well balanced smartphone. The performance of the 8-core MT6753 SoC with 3GB RAM is quite enough for an FHD screen and for virtually all applications while it comes with the most up-to-date Android out of the box. The low-cost but still enough powerful processor can keep the price of this stuff at a low level, while you get a really high capacity battery that can ensure a whole day working even for the most hardcore users. The astonishing Sony Exmor camera and the front side fingerprint sensor are just some additions that you normally can expect from high-end smartphones only.

  • sytix

    Super demanding design and materials (it doesn’t look cheaper than an iPhone 6), big battery, enough power for most apps, micro SD extension or dual SIM, thumb operated fingerprint sensor, the most recent Android OS, and now you can pre-order it for 150 bucks. I think that offer is unbeatable.

    • Inti Energia

      Except I already ordered it for 100 bucks :))

      • xiaomiminote

        well you are damn lucky! I was so close to get it and then i was stuck with my paypal, stupid!

  • emax

    After the 100-dollar lottery, the $150 price tag (that’s available for the masses) is still an exceptional offer. This is a sturdy metallic phone with a high capacity battery. You don’t need to carry those battery packs anymore. The bottom-front-center fingerprint sensor is not just a security devices but gives you the easiest and fastest way to unlock your phone using one hand only. And which competitor delivers their smartphone with an installed Marshmallow out of the box at this price. I think, no one of them. Just more 11 days and this miracle will be ready to be shipped. You shouldn’t wait anymore to make an order.

  • Semi

    Brilliant design, balanced specs, camera seems quite promising. front fingerprints and huge battery are two big plus. Won a code for it, cannot wait to test it!

  • Milo

    Android M out of the box, big battery and killer design, like this phone!

  • Wikez

    Fantastic phone, the best from Apple, Meizu and Xiaomi mixed in one design. If camera performances are nice, I’ll get it.

  • Bal

    still waitting umi touch, it looks like meizu, but i think it’s fine

  • nikki

    i perfer front fingerprint for best touch and position

    • rater

      “it’s in the ideal position where my thumb would naturally rest!” it’s ture, haha

  • chooo

    4000 mah is enough for me! now i use a phone with 2500, but i need to charge it 2 times one day

    • nee

      you are right, i think 4000 is enough for people. unless you are a phone sales, haha~

  • phale

    5 different customs ROMs?really? if it’s ture, it will be fine, i can try more sistems

    • Priva

      I tried iron pro, and flash it by rootjoy, it’s fine and speial for someone who like use different roms

  • juan

    i saw $149.99 en umidigi, so it means that i can get it now and with 149.99$?

    • Kave

      i think 149.99 is just for now, becasue the presale, but i donot think they will send you now

      • hevan

        I saw the shipping time in forum, they said that it will be shipped until 20th

  • jimberkas

    wow a lot of comments below that are identical to comments posted on other giz website. I suspected that they were paid shills when i read them the first time. this pretty much confirms it. a lot of posters that I’ve never seen before on either site suddenly show up on both sites.
    this is a new low, UMI, and I was legitimately interested in this phone.

    • tauerman

      But is is so cheap. It would cost me only 160€ after VAT. Meizu Metal and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 would cost me 210€ from EU direct shops (ok, those two phones have the advantage of Helio X10 instead of MT6753).

      PS: Those users also have the same avatar icon.
      EDIT: oh no, I get that Icon as well. Must be a default icon then

    • Inti Energia

      I wouldn’t get too upset about it. The phone hasn’t even come out yet so this is a totally theoretical discussion about some photos and specs. And on the face of it it is hard to argue that at $150 these are not great specs. From what I have seen on Amazon and other comments around various sites UMI has made some phones which are great value for the money. They also make some phones which are low end, very cheap phones so the name is not necessarily one of the best.

      We will just have to wait a couple of weeks to see the actual phone and the level of quality. I have been willing to risk $100 on it on a pre-order.

  • Pawell

    I like anyway. Perfect design, front fingerprint, 4k mah. It’s an ideal phone!

  • dragoon

    Amazing phone for this price. Love it.

  • Igor

    can anyone find a phone better for 150 usd?

    • balcobomber25

      Redmi Note 3.

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Do you guys think the battery capacity will turn to be real this time? Also gps, wifi, touch problems?

  • balcobomber25

    This “article” reads like it was written by the CEO of UMi, or is a sponsored article.