Meizu Pro 6 AnTuTu & Geekbench Scores Reveal Better Performance Than Kirin 950

by Joel 0

Meizu just announced the Pro 6 smartphone and the overall package is pretty impressive. The phone starts at less than $400 and comes with the upgraded Helio X25 chip along with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a lot of high-end features. Since the phone is now official, we can get some real benchmark results of the device. Thanks to Chinese media, we have the Pro 6 AnTuTu and Geekbench results with Helio X25 inside and the results are more or less similar to what we had seen previously.

pro 6 antutu benchmrak

So, in the official Pro 6 conference, Meizu had said that the phone manages to score around 101,757 points on AnTuTu. Well, from past experience we know that real life results come out a bit less than the official figure, and the same thing has happened here. The Helio X25 inside the Pro 6 has managed to score 96,169 in the recent AnTuTu test, a good 5500 points below the official figure. But that seems to be acceptable, because under perfect conditions the Pro 6 should be able to break the 100K mark.

pro 6 antutu benchmark

This also shows that the Helio X25 is slightly better on AnTuTu as compared to Kirin 950, which manages to score around 93,000 (max). Also, in the Geekbench test as well, Helio X25 outdoes the Kirin 950 inside the Mate 8 with a score of over 1900 on average in the single-core test and 6300 (avg) in the multi-core test. On the other hand, Kirin 950 scores around 1700 and 6200 in the two respective tests.

To be fair, Huawei Kirin 955 would be a better competitor to the Helio X25. Initial benchmark tests have shown AnTuTu results to be around 96-98K, which is at par with Helio x25’s results. However, benchmarks are not always a good indicator of the real life performance of the chip, and hence, just because one chip gets 2K more than the other in a benchmark test, it doesn’t really make it a better performer.

We will have to see the actual performance of the chip in real life usage and how well it is optimized with the software to see which phone offers a better user experience.