New Colorful MIUI 8 Teasers Released, Can You Guess Their Meaning?

by Joel 1

We all know that Xiaomi will release the new version of its popular MIUI OS alongside the Xiaomi Max phablet next week. The company has been teasing some of the features of the device for the past few days, and earlier today, it released a new teaser for the MIUI 8 OS. Now, two more teasers have been released by the official Weibo account of the OS and the company has asked users to guess what they mean.

Check out the teasers from above. Can you guess what the company is trying to hint with these three images?

The company could be adding new color schemes on the new MIUI 8 version and some of them might be revealed in the images above. So, along with new additions in gestures and features, it looks like the new version will also bring a fresh and colorful look to the device. But these images could be hinting at much more than just colors. Some of the users on Weibo say that these posters hint at a dual OS setup, while other say that it is for split-screen multitasking feature. What do you think it indicates?

As mentioned above, the new MIUI 8 OS is not just about design upgrades, but also adds new gesture and feature upgrades. For example, it will add new gestures for calls, notes and even the drop down notification menu is getting a feature and design refresh.

Looks like the new update is going to be interesting. May 10 is less than a week away, so stay tuned for more details.


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