Vernee Thor Global Reviewers Recruitment Program Gets You The Phone For $49.99

by Joel 1

If you are a known reviewer with lots of fans or someone who can review the new Vernee Thor smartphone well, then you might want to consider applying for the Vernee Thor Global Reviewers Recruitment Program. The company will be selling the new Vernee Thor smartphone to eligible reviewers for a price tag of $49.99, making sure that you don’t have to shell out the entire price, in return for an honest and well-written review.

vernee thor reviewer program

However, you will have to purchase the Vernee Thor for its full price from partner shops listed in the reviewer program. Once you have got the phone, review it and share it on multiple social media channels. Then, send the links of your review along with required information to the official email ID of the shop from whom you purchased the device. If your review is good enough and passes the requirements of Vernee, your could get $50 coupon from the retailer.

vernee thor reviewer program 01

Check out the official website of Vernee for more details about this program. Remember that the program starts today and goes on till May 31. Also, the total units for the program will be limited to 2000.

To recap, the Vernee Thor comes with a 5-inch oncell screen with Android 6.0 out of the box, MT6753, 0.1s fingerprint ID, durable body, and 3GB of RAM. For $119.99, the phone is definitely a good buy. In fact, you can check out our review of the Vernee Thor if you are planning to purchase the device.

Below are a few interesting videos of the Thor which you can watch.