Meizu MX6 Will Launch With a Smart Case With LED Notification Light

by Habeeb Onawole 2

The Meizu MX6 will be officially launched in 5 days (July 19) and according to a leak, it will be accompanied by a smart case with LED breathing notification light running around the edges.


Meizu smart case


The case which will be paired to the phone, has a LED light for various notifications such as calls, messages, and mails etc. We expect that there will be an in-phone menu (an app is not necessary) where you can toggle settings and customise the notification lights.

The smart case is said to be made of leather and will support sleep/wake function. There is no info about how the smart case will be powered as the MX6 doesn’t have a smart connector like the iPhone 7 Plus which can supply power to accessories. Our guess is that, it will have a built-in battery that can be easily replaced.

Meizu smart case 1



We love this new reinvention of the case. The last time we saw something this cool was with HTC’s Dot View Case which has been replaced with the Ice Case for the HTC 10.

meizu music case

Meizu also teased what appears to be a music case for the MX6. This case has a transparent window which shows a miniature version of the music player. It also features a vertical bar housing a button styled like Meizu’s “M” logo and a play/pause button. Just below the horizontal bar is a circular button as well for previous/next. We presume the ”M” button is to open the music app without unlocking the phone.

meizu mx6 teaser

To end this, Meizu says it will allow other companies copy its home button but not the way it operates. Last year Meizu was sued by ZTE for copying their halo home button design.