Xiaomi’s Mijia Brand Launches 19 Yuan Mi Pen

by Habeeb Onawole 4

Xiaomi’s sub brand, Mijia, launched a refillable pen today called the Mi Pen with a price tag of 19 Yuan ($2.85). Surprised? We are too. Xiaomi said all their smart home products will come under the Mijia brand name, but is this pen smart? No, it isn’t. It also doesn’t magically store all what you write but it still falls under home products sort of, so that counts, right?

Mi pen

The pen uses Swiss PREMEC Refills with quick drying Japanese mikuni ink, which doesn’t fade easily or break. Mijia says the ink does not easily dry up even if you do not use the pen for a long time.

Mi Pen 3

The pen comes in white and black colour options, has a diameter of 9.5mm to ensure it offers a comfortable grip while writing, and also features a 120° spin which reveals or hides the pen’s 0.5mm high-precision tungsten ball tip.

Mi Pen 6

Xiaomi pen

Mijia has taken great care in manufacturing the parts of the pen. The connectors are made out of metal and the rotating member is made of copper which has a life span of 50,000 rotations.

Mi pen 5

The Mi Pen looks nice and will make for a great gift. You can just buy a bunch of them and give to your kids or friends going to college.

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