ZeroTech Dobby: Pocket Quadcopter Drone

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The wave of mini drones or quad-copters for taking pictures and videos, mainly as a personal asset, in the market is fairly a new concept. And yet it is progressing at a fast pace, as can be seen in the latest “ZeroTech Dobby” (What the heck is this?). That is the name of a pocket-sized quadcopter!

ZeroTech Dobby – The Pocket Quadcopter


The latest discovery was presented recently in the field of Mini Drones, recently. And the result was really amazing that Dobby ZeroTech made eyes pop. Above all, the convenience of carrying a mini drone in our pocket (Did anyone even think of the idea?). Once out from the pocket, this tiny pocket-wonder is literally ready to fly.

ZeroTech Dobby- Pocket Drone - image

Have a look at the video for yourself. (Link –

Small Yet Full

As evident from the video, it is coined “Selfies Drone” because of its unique features of a drone – the facial recognition, resulting in a shot where our face is clear. As if that is not enough, it would also be featuring video recording capability at 4K resolution and 30fps. ZeroTech Dobby has a camera of 13 megapixels that is stabilized in all 3 axes.

ZeroTech Dobby - image

This tiny apparatus can also be driven with voice commands which will make flying it much easier. Presently, all the quadcopters and drones need app to be installed on smartphone of the user for control and WiFi. Which means, you can fly it anywhere, even at places where there is no WiFi.


ZeroTech Dobby is built with a 2.3GHz processor – Snapdragon 801 (Quad-core) that will also be having a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – Adreno. This is not all, it also has an internal memory of 16GB for the purpose of storing data – videos and images. It camera will have a 75 ° Field of View (FOV) which can be pointed 90 ° (downward) and 22.5 ° (Upward).

Weighting less than 200 grams, this pocket drone can also follow the GPS signals and other indoor positioning sensors.

Follow Me – Target Lock

The latest feature that can be found in Phantom 4 is the “Follow Me” where the drone can be made to lock on a target (you) and it will follow while recording. And that is there in ZeroTech Dobby too!

Battery And Duration

Of this tiny size, battery weight and power is surely a problem. Let us see how it is compensated. ZeroTech Dobby can be flown upto a distance of 100 meters. It is powered by a 970 mAh battery which can sustain for up to a duration of 9 minutes. However, the issues is conveniently resolved by its easy changeability to a spare battery.

ZeroTech Dooby - Battery Changeable - imageNow you can buy ZeroTech Dobby from online retailers like or

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