Researchers Have Found A Way Hackers Can Spy on You Via Your Monitor

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Another day, another security vulnerability to be worried about.  A group of researchers working for Red Balloon Security have discovered that it is possible for hackers to see and manipulate what is currently displayed on your monitor.

asus designo curved monitor

What this means is that hackers can now copy details of what is displayed on your screen or fake entire websites leading you to enter private information and payment details. For more dangerous acts, the hackers can mess up a monitor that displays vital controls for railway lines, airport routes, or power plants; faking an emergency and causing a shutdown or evacuation.

How this is done wasn’t specifically explained but the researchers say it is not limited to a particular brand of monitors. There is however an upside to the hack. It is slow and takes time for images to load, so if you are always looking at the monitor, you should probably notice something suspicious happening.

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There are already a lot of things people have to be careful about such as webcams (put a tape over it), microphones, and keyboards, and now we get to hear that monitors are vulnerable too. *sighs*

Source: Ubergizmo