With the Design Panel of ZTE Project CSX at IFA Berlin (Video)

by Joel 0

ZTE’s Project CSX is quite interesting wherein the company is trying to take inputs directly from the users around the world in order to design the perfect mobile device. While companies like OnePlus are already doing it on a limited scale, with Project CSX, ZTE is trying to take things to a whole new level. In the first stage of the project, the company asked users to pitch in their ideas, and the company got over 400 ideas. Now, in the second stage, the company is taking votes for these ideas.

Make sure you participate and vote for the best idea. You can read more about the project from the link at the end of this article.

ZTE project CSX

We were at IFA Berlin this year and we got some time to spend with the design team of Project CSX. The panel gave us some insight on the design and other important aspects of the Project CSX. We managed to take everything said by the panel on video and we are here to share it with you.

It’s a pretty long video but you can check out the ideas and other details about the project in it.

You can read more about project CSX and how to participate in it from the link here.


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