The Mi Brain is one of the Latest Products Expected from Xiaomi tomorrow

by Jed John 0

We had earlier been tipped that Xiaomi will launch a new S model of the Mi TV 3S along side the Mi 5S and 5S Plus. We would have tagged it “a day of the S” but a new leak have emerged on Weibo that also coming out tomorrow, is a new product called Mi Brain.


Little is known about the product which has been dubbed Mi Brain but from what we can gather, it is likely a new module that works like the power house (CPU) for the smart TV. However, we are not sure as to the exact functionality the Mi Brain brings to the table. We would know more about that when the device is unveiled tomorrow.

mi brain

However, one important thing we must mention is that the Mi TV 3 released last year uses a slit design and is comprised of two separate parts, the display, and main board. Both parts were said to be capable of being upgraded independently. Back then it was heralded that the smart TV will never become outdated because of its updatability. So, the new product could be a more powerful upgrade of the Mi TV 3S main board, after all, the leak called it Mi Brain. Tomorrow can still be called a day of the S, then!