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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Official: Dual Curved Display, 22.56MP Sony Exmor RS Camera & More!

by Joe 55

After a long wait, which I think extends to a few years, Xiaomi has finally unveiled a smartphone worthy of taking on the premium competitors in the market right now. The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is finally official and with it, we have got a flagship which we can directly compare with the likes of the Galaxy S7 Edge and the P9 series.

So, let’s take a look at what the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 brings to the table.


Design wise, Xiaomi has used the popular dual curved design, similar to what we saw on the Note 7. But with the phablet out of the picture due to its battery woes, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 can shine with its familiar design.

xiaomi mi note 2 official

The phone comes with 3D glass on both the front as well as the back. This means holding the phone is more comfortable due to its curved design. Further, for the frame, the company has used Aerospace grade 7 series aluminum, which gives it a smooth yet solid look.

xiaomi mi note 2 silver

There are two color options, Glacier Silver and Bright Black.



The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is the company’s first dual curved display smartphone. The company explains that it’s not easy to use 3D glass with an LCD display. Hence, the Mi Note 2 is using an innovative flexible OLED display which not only blends together with the curved glass up front, but the display also extends to the side. This is similar to what we see on other curved display phones.

mi note 2 oled curved

The phone comes with a 5.7-inch curved display with 77.2% screen to body ratio, better than iPhone 7 Plus’ 67.7%. The panel further boasts of 110% NTSC color gamut and 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

mi note 2 display

In case you are wondering, Lei Jun also mentioned that this advanced flexible screen costs as much as six times a regular 5.5-inch FHD LCD panel.



Like expected, Xiaomi has ensured the Mi Note 2 has the best hardware in the market right now. It comes with the Snapdragon 821 chipset clocked at 2.35GHz. As for memory, you have 6GB RAM of LPDDR4 dual channel RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.0 storage. Recent Xiaomi smartphones are known for its long battery life and the same continues with the Mi Note 2. The phone comes with a large 4070mAh battery and with Quick Charge 3.0, battery life is going to be its plus point. Other features of the flagship include AQSTIC HD Audio processor with Hi-Fi sound quality and low distortion (24 bit / 192KHz), NFC with fingerprint payments and improved SAP assisted GPS.

mi note 2 camera specs

As for the camera, the Mi Note 2 comes with the powerful 22.56MP IMX318 EXMOR RS sensor at the back. While there is no OIS on board, the module does have 3-axis gyroscope and EIS (Electronic Image stabilization). The camera also supports 4K video image stabilization at the hardware level. Other features include f/2.0 aperture and PDAF.

Up front, there is an 8MP IMX268 EXMOR RS shooter with f/2.0 aperture and beauty 3.0 software which promises to bring more accurate and natural colors. Another interesting feature of the front camera is the built-in autofocus, which means you will get clear selfies at any distance.


One of the biggest highlights of the Mi Note 2 is the supports 37 LTE global bands! As for the software, the phone is running MIUI 8 out of the box.




Expecting the price to be high? Xiaomi has surprised us once again by making the Mi Note 2 quite affordable. The pricing is as follows:

mi note 2 price

4GB + 64GB 2799 Yuan ($413)

6GB + 128GB 3299 Yuan ($487)

6GB + 128GB Special Global Edition 3499 Yuan ($516)

Note that the 3499 Yuan is the model with 37 Global LTE support, so that’s the model international users should be interested in.

The phone will go on sale on November 1.

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  • PietroSoft

    A worthy successor to my Mi Note Pro… so much wait. It looks very good.

  • هادي خآن

    nice one

  • LeisureLarry

    all that’s missing is a pen

    • princetom

      I owe u 1

  • Ulti

    Yes! The wait is finally over! This is the perfect phone. I really liked the ergonomics of the Samsung S7 Edge but I wanted MIUI and didn’t like the physical home button. Plus I was too used to USB-C in my OP3 so couldn’t go back to Micro USB.

    This is very close to a Note 7 at half the price. Well done Xiaomi! I really liked the original black Xiaomi Mi Note and I’ve kept it even when I upgraded to the OP3. The black just looks stellar here, I’m glad they did the all black version again.

    The OP3 is still a killer phone though so I’ll use it for the second phase of the wait stage… Waiting for it to be available.

    • princetom

      Well, same physical home button is present too

  • markiz

    Not bad. But..
    If it was metal, had OIS, and EU warranty, I might have cancel my OP3 order.

    • Raky_b

      you’ll newer get international warranty from Xiaomi….at least not for a phones.

      • markiz

        Why never ever? You an insider?

        • Raky_b

          because of royalities they should pay…


    Indians…..ready to pay Rs 34511.34 for the international version!!

  • dmt_obd

    Is there a mistake on a slide describing bands support? I see B8 (lte) is used twice. Suppose that on the first usage of it should be B7. If it’s so, it will be the first xiaomi phone with full russian bands support.

  • goodwill

    My next xiaomi phone replacement.

  • Pino

    I’m disappointed because there is no dual Canberra setup.

    • princetom

      Xiaomi aint ready for dual camera. The dual camera they had was more of a gimmick,

      • Pino

        So is the one on my Huawei P9 plus so much better?

    • balcobomber25

      Dual camera can be a good thing or it could be a complete gimmick. It doesn’t guarantee better pictures.

      • Raky_b

        gimmick as curved displey is also for lot of us, but still, there it is.

      • Pino

        Yes you are right about that. But I am used to it from my Huawei P9 plus and I love this feature.
        Over all I am underwhelmed by this release. Even though it looks fantastic, there were so many pre discussed features that didn’t show up on the phone and that makes me feel kind of disappointed. No dual camera setup, only fhd, no OIS, no SD card slot, etc. Not even talking about the iris scanner thing. I know it still it’s a beast, but they could have made something mind-blowing as well.
        By the way, does it have the ultra sonic finger print reader? Are there headphone jacks?

        • balcobomber25

          I have the dual camera setup on the Honor 8, it is a very good camera but I have used single cameras that are better and dual camera setups that are worse. For me camera comes down to actual performance not how many lenses it has. As for SD card slot anyone who knows about Xiaomi’s phones shouldn’t have been expecting it, Xiaomi usually doesn’t include it on it’s Mi models. And yes it does have a headphone jack

  • Saku

    So, the dual camera version will probably be the “S” or the “Pro/Prime” version of this beast. Might as well save until that moment comes true. But man, this flagship is a real beauty. That 22.56MP camera belongs to the best, no doubt about it.

  • SohyeFan729

    its looks really good but FHD is a little less for this price expect the global version to cost around 549-599€.. i want crispy and juicy display thats the most important part of a phone for me. dont get me wrong FHD is good but we all know the s7edge had the best display on all smartphones its just really good.
    instead of 6GB and 128 GB they should have build micro sd slot which is super easy nowadays see OPPO phones.. that would reduce cost and if someone needs more space they can pump it up to 2TB instead of 128GB. also for europeans like me there is no support etc so its always a risk buy..
    we all know the big sony sensors are not the best in the world the 16mpx imx 398 is better, processor ram and flash is good. design is also good.
    i love the mimax but is also has only a FHD panel or a little more because of 17,9 ratio but 6,4 is quite big and the phone is very wide i would have prefered 6-6,15 inch and not so wide phone..

    • balcobomber25

      There is some confusion as to whether it is FHD or 1440P, some sites are reporting different things. Unless you plan on using the phone for VR, there is nothing wrong with FHD on this size phone, especially if it is a quality FHD panel.

      SD card doesn’t reduce costs, it might it might not. It all depends on the build of the phone, type of SD component they use and the costs of implementation. In some instances it costs more to include one. Xiaomi usually doesn’t include one in the Mi models because it has invested heavily in the Mi Cloud service and wants consumers to use that.

      • MasterXan

        so is it QHD or FHD?

      • Nam Dang

        My LG G5 has a 2k resolution and I really don’t figure out any difference (I used Meizu MX5 and Oppo Find 7a with 1080p).
        By saying that I have to mention that I didn’t compare side by side.
        2k is not that important.

        • balcobomber25

          Exactly, it only makes a difference when using VR.

  • balcobomber25

    Very good phone and it’s good to see Xiaomi once again offer an international model with support for US LTE. But there isn’t enough here to entice me to buy one over the LeEco Pro 3, especially since the international model will be close to $700 on resellers. I might pick one up 6 months from now though when I retire the Honor 8 (my other phone).

    • Luciano

      Come on balco, for the first time you have a Xiaomi phone with support for US LTE you should buy it instantly! You have no excuses…I am kiddin of course 😀

      • balcobomber25

        I would buy it instantly if I could get the 4/64 model with Global LTE support. The 6/128 is just overkill to me and I would paying for something I would never use. I can barely fill up a 32GB phone never-mind 128. Plus there’s the price, I can get the Le Pro 3 for $299 next week.

        • Luciano

          I do understand you, I just checked the prices on Ibuygou website. The base model with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage is advertised at $515 but this version doesn’t have worldwide full 4G LTE frequencies (US support too). The Le Pro 3 is one the best phone out there for the price asked for the specs offered but I do not like the black borders around the screen. It is a shame that they don’t sell a version with full black front. I would have considered it without any hesitation.

          The MI5S is an amazing device but I don’t know when the grey version with black front will be available.

          Ibuygou just advertised the Nubia Z11 Mini S 4/64gb at $469. Sometimes I wonder what kind of drugs these resellers smoke everyday.

        • MaxPower

          Ditto, there’s nothing I can add.
          My RN3 died yesterday (I hated that phone since day 1). I’m using and old Moto till November 2nd, if I can’t get the $100 rebate then I’ll buy the Axon 7 or OP3

          • balcobomber25

            It’s like Xiaomi is toying with us with this “international model”. Just make all your phones international. Huawei, ZTE and OnePlus have had no issues doing that.

          • MaxPower

            What a bullshit, I’m really getting sick of their choices.
            Only the most expressive (and presumably the one that is going to sell the least) is equipped with all the bands.

            They have no chance to compete anymore, their kind of business was working 4 years ago but things are changed now.

          • balcobomber25

            I was a diehard Xiaomi fan but they drove me away, Huawei has been really impressing me and I like what I have seen from LeEco so far.

          • MaxPower

            It’s like being on a raft and there’s someone who’s paddling to the wrong direction.

            This is the only way I can explain Xiaomi decisions like this one to put the bands only on the pricier model or other bullshits like selling white phones and then release the black versions months later for more money when the market is already saturated.

            Outside China or India they are going nowhere.

          • Raky_b

            Well, they do need to pay patient royalties somehow.
            That is a reason why the can’t go international with low cost devices, and final buyer of expensive one will pay that for them.
            (it’s like ~50$ for every Android device sold, that goes to Google for a licensing GMS, to ones that have network patents, like Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft-alone tales up to 15$ per device, and who knows where more that money goes. My guess is that ARM gets their part with every Qualcomm SoC, so there is no problem with that. Same for screen patents, i belive JapanDisplay, LG, Samsung and in Mi MIX case, Sharp do take their share with selling parts).

          • Luciano

            Hi Max, I am thinking to get the RN3P Special Edition (full LTE support for Europe) but after reading your comment I don’t know what I should do now.

          • MaxPower

            Well, there are thousands of good reviews of the phone, so don’t let yourself discouraged by a different opinion.

            Let’s get things straight: the phone is a good buy for the money, the best part is the battery, It lasts 2 full days with heavy usage.

            If you can deal with the flaws I’ve encountered then I would say go for it.

            My main complains are the screen, which is very dim and i can’t see anything with the sunlight. Then mostly is about software.

            The autorotation gets stuck so it doesn’t switch from portrait to landscape mode.

            The notifications don’t work even when you “lock” the apps.

            And lately the worst issue ever:
            It seems like Google services crashes so anytime I try to open any Google app (Gmail, play store, play music) it says connection error and the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone.

            I never had any problems with my older MI4, I only rebooted when I had to update the ROM, now I’m rebooting the phone 5-6 times a day now.

            I guess I’m getting old and I don’t want to deal with this crap anymore.

            Like I said, if these problems don’t bother then the phone is alright, a good buy for the money.

          • Luciano

            Thank you for your reply. I feel you and all the details you shared makes me think that saving money is for sure good but at the same time it might be reasonable to add more money in order to get a more complete device. Nubia Z11 Mini S which a 5.2″ device has been released equipped with SD625 SOC, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage for the base model. If its price do not exceed 240€ after resellers I might be tempted to get one. Of course for that money there are other alternatives like the MI5 3/64. I prefer the design of the MI5S but I will have to wait for a couple of months before to see the availability of the grey version with black front.

          • Raky_b

            Why, you don’t like white front with black bazels!?
            You know it’s modern now…everybody use it.

            Exactly my thoughts for Mi5s.
            I would be buying it today if there is not that ugly bazels.

          • Ionut Johnny

            I’m very sure you had a faulty device.

          • MaxPower

            Nah. There are several reports on various fora about these issues that are mostly due to software rather than hardware.

            The lollipop kernel is the main problem in my opinion

          • Ionut Johnny

            I got official marshmallow on mine and it’s not the Chinese one.

          • MaxPower

            And you get real time notifications from Gmail, Skype WhatsApp?

            You don’t have issues while switching from portrait to landscape whatsoever?

            Then I would say that you’re the lucky one who got the only non faulty device ever.

          • Ionut Johnny

            No, problems, I block whatsapp and Skype when I want to receive real time notifications and there is the autostart option in the settings that resolves the issue, no problem switching to landscape.

        • Jack Wong

          Yea, I would also like to have a secondary phone if this is more affordable.

    • jimberkas

      I’ll take that old Honor 8 off your hands!
      seriously, what are you thoughts on the Honor 8? I’m thinking about picking up a used one when I can get one for about $200

      • balcobomber25

        Haha I need two phones, I use one for work/school and one for personal. I love the Honor 8, I haven’t found an issue with it yet. Battery life, performance and the camera are all excellent.

  • balcobomber25

    Very good phone and it’s good to see Xiaomi once again offer an international model with support for US LTE. But there isn’t enough here to entice me to buy one over the LeEco Pro 3, especially since the international model will be close to $700 on resellers. I might pick one up 6 months from now though when I retire the Honor 8 (my other phone).

  • balcobomber25

    Very good phone and it’s good to see Xiaomi once again offer an international model with support for US LTE. But there isn’t enough here to entice me to buy one over the LeEco Pro 3, especially since the international model will be close to $700 on resellers. I might pick one up 6 months from now though when I retire the Honor 8 (my other phone).

  • balcobomber25

    Very good phone and it’s good to see Xiaomi once again offer an international model with support for US LTE. But there isn’t enough here to entice me to buy one over the LeEco Pro 3, especially since the international model will be close to $700 on resellers. I might pick one up 6 months from now though when I retire the Honor 8 (my other phone).

  • 疯神のKIRA

    So what is what?… They are overlapping their own product with Mi5s plus and Mi note 2, both basically same.

  • AtereJr

    Can’t wait for a review of this. So exciting…just hope it delivers (in all areas advertised) in real world usage.

  • If they’re gonna call it a “Note” then at least provide a pen so, you know, we can take digital notes with it.