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Xiaomi Launches Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask Priced at 89 Yuan ($13)

by Jed John 5

Xiaomi‘s latest crowdfunding product is a new 52-chip fresh air mask which was launched today in China. Adopting the moniker Cloth Pear Fresh air mask, the product as the name implies, is a set of masks with a streamlined compact layout, with an overall weight of 50.5g which makes it very light and portable.


The Cloth Pear fresh air mask uses a three-dimensional design, joined by hand-sewing with high-grade textile. There is a filter made of delicate materials which are able to achieve  PM 2.5 filtration efficiency up to 99%. The housing of the filter is made using high-quality polyester fabric.


The new air mask system comes with double detachable design, custom-built ultra-thin fan, with 3-level speed, a power-on button, charging support, individual air volume memory, knob type filter cartridge which makes the air filter easy to update.


In addition, the new Cloth pear fresh air mask system contains high-density polymer lithium-ion battery, with an energy-saving module, 4-8 hours charging time. The Cloth Pear Fresh Air mask is available via the Mi home crowdfunding page for just 89 Yuan ($13).


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  • princetom

    How long will the battery last on a charge?

  • The one with the tennis racket is sort of funny. If the air quality outside is so bad till you need an air mask, why are you still outside playing?

  • David

    Without a nose clip, like all N95 masks, this is not true protection. Face fit and face seal are all important.

  • Mark M Nejad

    i am intrested to have a big buy , plz let me know if u have any one of the suppliers