Xiaomi Teases New Mi Box With Redesigned Mi Remote. Set to Launch on November 16

by Habeeb Onawole 1

It does not appear as if Xiaomi is done releasing products for the year as yesterday a poster teasing the launch of a new generation Mi TV Box was seen on their official Weibo page. Today, the account has also teased a redesigned Mi Remote set to debut alongside the new TV box.

Mi TV Box

Mi TV Box (4th Gen)

The ”fourth generation” Mi Box is said to come bundled with a form of artificial intelligence whose mode of function is still unknown. It is also expected to feature a magazine page layout and categorize content based on a study of the owner’s viewing habits.

Mi Remote

Mi Remote

Xiaomi has also released a poster teasing a new remote for the set-top box. The image shows the first gen Mi remote, the second (and third gen remote), and a silhouette of a new remote. The accompanying text says the company had to develop a new remote to go along with the artificial intelligence feature of the new box set to launch tomorrow.

While there is no leaked info about the features of the new Mi Remote, some folks are guessing it might have a touch screen display similar to the render below. One thing we are sure about is voice control though, that should still remain.


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The big question is what version of android will the new Mi Box run, Android TV or just plain regular android (marshmallow)? Chances are that it will be the latter as Xiaomi just recently released their first Android TV set-top box in the US.