Xiaomi Announces it will Attend and Launch a New Product at CES 2017

by Habeeb Onawole 1

The major tech events are the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC) which hold in Las Vegas and Barcelona respectively. Both events are big deals for mobile phone manufacturers but some manufacturers like Xiaomi have never attended one or both before. However, that will be changing for Xiaomi, as they just announced that they will be attending next year’s edition of CES.

Xiaomi CES 2017


The announcement was made a few hours ago on the company’s official Weibo page. CES 2017 will hold in Nevada, starting on the 5th and ending on the 8th of January.

Xiaomi has also announced that its CES debut will see them launch a new product. We have no clue as to what the product is but they say it’s a product that shows how the company is pushing the boundaries of innovation. Following the unexpected announcement of the Mi MIX, its hard to guess what this new product might be, but we have faith it will be trending after its announcement.

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Does this move signify the company’s foray into the US market? Honestly, it’s hard to say. They already have an online store where you can buy some of their products though and you can buy their 4K android TV box in stores like Walmart.

Are you excited about the news? Have any guesses about what the product might be? Let’s read your opinions in the comment box below.