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Meizu Flagship for 2017 Will Use Helio X30 Chip Says Insider

by Habeeb Onawole 6

Meizu’s closest friend at the moment is probably Mediatek. They have worked together on all the Meizu phones released this year and still have two more set to be released before the end of December. First is the dual-camera Meizu X which will launch on November 30 and the second is the Meizu M5 Note scheduled for December 6. And according to an insider, Meizu’s 2017 flagship will be powered by either a Helio X30 or Helio X35.

The news about Meizu using a Mediatek chip for its next flagship isn’t new as a tech analyst already mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. Now that an insider has confirmed it, all we have to do is wait for the device to launch.

Meizu Helio X30

Mediatek’s Helio X30 chip is the first 10nm chip to be announced and should start production early next year. The deca-core chip will consist of a tri-cluster of Cortex-A73, Cortex-A53, and Cortex-A35 cores. The new chip promises a lot of improvement in power consumption and performance.

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Mediatek seems to have stepped up their game with the Helio X30 as it has gotten positive comments following its announcement. It might still not be able to compete with Qualcomm in terms of GPU performance but we are sure it will trump it in some other areas.


The Meizu insider in his post also revealed that the Meizu M5 Note which will have a Helio P10m SoC will disrupt the market with its price. The M5 Note is expected to cost just ¥999 ($145).

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  • Saku

    I miss the days when Meizu uses Samsung Exynos. But well, x30 seems like it can hold its own against 830.

    • balcobomber25

      Two things led to the end of their relationship with Samsung:

      1. Samsung stopped providing full network support for China in their chips.
      2. Mediatek became an investor in Meizu.

  • Tommi

    Helio x30/x35 will bring performance boost for chinese phones, such as UMi + Meizu and many others.

  • The X30 will definitely be on par with SD820, but 830 is out of the question.
    The very good news are that the GPU will finally be good and A35 cores will surely improve efficiency by a mile.
    Would still rather they put just 4 A73 and 4 A35, why do they need the A53 at all?

  • ASH

    I miss the old days too…not only the days of the Exynos flagships (that was a differentiating factor for a Chinese brand) but the time when Meizu was a creative MP3-4 manufacturer and an inspired disruptive phone company in China (cf M8,…these two were long time ago)

    Apart from missing them I also miss a part of realistic approach on flagships and even on the full range (two messy to see through)!!!
    Pricing higher than the competition with few little tweaks does not create a flagship (cf M6PRO vs. Xiaomi mid range note pro with max spec) and does not make a full range either.
    The Design and interface are still great and some improvements have been done on camera, but in a more competitive world, the full line up has been a failure right.
    Both marketing and pricing strategy need to be reworked…(forget the opera and concerts and focus on your business, or do it when the rest is well done).

    Mediatek is a great partner on a long run and they are moving in the right direction but they still need few years to catch up at the flagship level.
    Gaming is also part of our daily user life…and sorry but the mix of CPU+GPU+RAM+ROM+Battery definitely counts for flagships in this area.

    I have been using Meizu since their MP3…and I will still give them a chance if they come with the right Xmas gift, otherwise after nearly 10 years of brand loyalty, sorry but I’ll pass…welcome Xiaomi, One plus, Zuk, or Lepro

    • balcobomber25

      I felt the same way about Xiaomi this year. Huawei is my new favorite Chinese company. Too many of these companies are stuck in their old ways.