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Likely Images Of Meizu’s Flyme 6 User Interface Leak

by Jed John 4

Among the series of teasers Meizu employed in sending out invites for its upcoming November 30 conference, there is one containing the “Make 6 Great Again” mantra. This is in reference to the release of a new Flyme 6 operating system. The new user interface would probably be pre-installed on the Meizu X which would be announced same day.

flyme 6

Now, images of the Flyme 6 user interface have leaked online revealing the refreshing looks of the new operating system which would likely be based on Android Marshmallow. The images shows the Flyme 6 would bring an entirely different visual experience. There is a change in the looks of the status bar and it now looks similar to that of Apple’s iOS 10. The music player and voice assistant interfaces are also shown to have gotten new looks.


The images are just two, so its likely the Flyme 6 would adopt an entirely different look in many aspects. We’d get to see that when the OS is unveiled.


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  • Pair that up with a Kirin 960 phone and Meizu might have a real winner on their hands!

    • José Rodrigues

      is going to be expensive

      if they charge more than 300 to a x20/x25

      for a kirin they will charge more than 450

      • If it is a truly good phone people will pay it.
        Meizu always deliver quality products, but have fallen out with chipmakers.
        I am very looking forward to Flyme 6 and the new headsets

        • balcobomber25

          It’s more like chipmakers have fallen out with Meizu. Samsung’s decision not to include full China network support in the Exnyos ended that relationship.