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Yet More Details About the Huawei Concept Phone Emerge

by Jed John 5

It’s been in the news for a while now that Huawei will release its own concept smartphone sometime this month. That was being treated as a rumor but it seems to have gotten confirmation from a reliable source. Chief Scientist at Huawei-owned Watt Laboratory, Dr Li Yangxing may just have confirmed the existence of the concept machine when he was announcing the breakthrough Huawei has made in Graphene-Assisted battery technology. The scientist added that the battery has been commercialized and Huawei plans to announce a phone with the super-quick charge function by late December.

huawei concept phone

This stance was re-echoed by analyst Pan Jiutang who also added that the device would feature fast-charging technology. The well-known industry analyst had earlier hinted that the concept phone would feature Samsung’s customized four curved screen and would be equipped with a number of sensors as well as capable of achieving artificial intelligence.

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In addition, the Huawei concept phone is said to come without physical cameras at the front and rear, fingerprint sensor, no visible physical capacitive keys, neither is there any visible speakers, headphone jack or any other physical feature except the curved screen. This is likely because the Huawei concept phone would come with a set of peripherals such as headsets, smart band or watch, external camera and even implant device. It is also rumored that Huawei would likely manufacture just the concept phones while the other peripheral devices would be manufactured by third parties.


We can say for sure if these details about external peripherals are true but we now know we should be expecting a spectacular device from Huawei any moment from now. Also that the device would likley have a large curved display as well as a large batter with super fast charging technology.


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  • Sam

    Looking forward to seeing what Huawei has to offer next. I’m going to wait to see before I purchase the Mate 9.

  • Rob

    I for one wouldn’t want a phone where I would need to carry around different peripherals to be able to use it. I like my camera built in thanks. I can also see this selling at over $1000 knowing Huawei’s rip-off prices so will defintely avoid this one.

    • Assefa Hanson

      I still find it very interest ing though, something far from generic I’d call it a breath of fresh air 2016 sure was interesting

    • NextHype

      Camera may be built-in but kept under a glass surface or popping out from the top of the device, Huawei could surprise us. They can’t be dumb enough to go for a revolutionary device without camera ^^

      Except if the neural implant part is relaying to the phone the visual informations our eyes send to our brain (like an improved vision implant from Shadowrun) xD

  • Wolvie

    With that kind of very expensive price i don’t see any good value to buy huawei brand, (If i got that kind of money and stupid enough to use it to buy overprice smartphones) then i might as well buy the same expensive smartphones from samsung or iphone that already well known for their name and camera quality.

    But again, firstly i don’t have that kind of money to be wasted, 2nd thing is i am not that stupid to buy from huawei with their rip-off prices.