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New Meizu M5 Note Poster Hints at M1 Note Design

by Habeeb Onawole 6

Meizu is set to launch a new Blue Charm phone come Tuesday, 6th of December. The phone manufacturer released a new teaser image which hints at the Meizu M5 Note having a design similar to the M1 Note.

Recent rumors have said the Meizu M5 Note will come in two versions like the previous models: a standard edition sporting a polycarbonate body called the M5 Note name and another version clad in metal called the M5 Metal. Both phones are expected to be priced at ¥999 ($145) and ¥1099 ($160) respectively.

Meizu M5 Note Poster


If the Meizu M5 Note is indeed going to share a design similar to the M1 Note, we should expect the same iPhone 5C glossy kind of plastic but which is available in bright colors.

The M5 Note will retain the 5.5-inches screen size the series is known for. It will however be settling for a smaller RAM, 2.5GB to be exact. There will be a Helio P10m processor under the hood and the phone will be powered by a 4000mAh battery.

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  • goodwill

    Isn’t P10m a underclocked version of P10? So, basically M3 note has a better version of the p10 than of the coming M5 note? hmm..

    • Rick

      Yes, and M1 Note had better processor than M3 Note:) Seems like an odd strategy.

      • goodwill

        The M1 note doesn’t have a better processor than M3 note. I think you meant to say M3 note has better processor than M5 note 😉

        • Tremaine Underwood

          I agree with Rick on this one, I have a M1 note and from the reviews I have seen the gaming performance of the P10 isn’t as good as the 6752. It might be an optimization thing, but there is less lag on mine.

          • goodwill

            I had the M1 note too. A rather capable phone. I didn’t like the camera tho. It’s still getting regular updates from Meizu when i was looking into Flyme firmwares. So, maybe it’s better now. Yeah, It’s probably optimization problem cause the P10 processor is stronger in terms of clocking and etc. The GPU however is just a slight upgrade.

    • Jh1

      Don’t worry. By the time the m6 note rolls around, it will finally beat the performance of the m1 note…. probably…maybe… hopefully.