Huawei Reveals Android Nougat Update Roll-Out Plan

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Most big manufacturers have announced their roll-out plan for Android Nougat, some of them like LG, Sony, and Motorola have even started rolling out the update to some of their devices. Others such as Huawei are just announcing, but like they say, better late than never.


Huawei’s Mate 9 (Standard Edition, Pro, and Porsche Design) already run Android Nougat in form of their own custom software called EMUI (5.0). The update to Nougat for the other devices will come in the same way.

Huawei says the Huawei P9, P9 Lite, and P9 Plus will get the Nougat update in the first quarter of 2017. After which their new Nova line of mid-range phones will follow suite. Huawei’s flagship from last year, the Mate 8 is also getting the update to Nougat. The P9 and the Mate 8 will be the first phones to get the update.

The Honor 8 flagship already has a beta version of Nougat available but Huawei has not revealed when it will get a stable release.

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According to Huawei, EMUI 5.0 will be more efficient, secure and user friendly. Users will also be able to decide if they want to leave all their apps on the screen or be more organized and settle for an app drawer.