FIIL Carat Wireless Earphones with Activity Tracker Review

by Linus 1

The market is full of affordable Bluetooth earphones that provide decent sound quality for quite a low price. We have reviewed quite a few of them over the time but we just came across the Fiil Carat wireless earphones that have some built-in fitness tracking features. In fact, the Fill Carat Pro model has even more exciting features but in this review, we are going to take a look at the base model of this headset. It will be up for pre-order at $59 soon. Check out this link for more details.


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The headset comes in a premium box where all the items are packed neatly. Inside of the box, you can find a headset itself, a USB cable, some extra earbuds and a high-quality carrying pouch.



Although the headset does not sport any premium materials in the construction, it is well-built and it seems that it last a long time. You can attach one earbud to another using the magnets, which is very convenient in practice.


We have the “activity” button on one of the earbuds. If you press it once, the voice will tell you the number of steps taken. If you press it twice, you will start/complete your workout. Finally, if you press it three times, you will turn on/off the light on the headset.


You can charge the headset using a regular micro USB port.


The earphones have the IP-65 rating, meaning that they are splash and dust resistant.


The controller has nice and tactile buttons. Also, the cable sports a tangle-free design.

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One of the most favourite things about this headset is that it is very comfortable to wear out of the box. Obviously, you would need to find the right ear tips to have the best seal.  Lastly, the headset stays nice and snug even if you or shake your head.


In order to unleash the full potential of the headset, you have to download the Fiil+ app on your Android or iOS device. One of the cool features is that the headset is able to track your steps/distance walked/calories burnt independently from your phone. Also, you can start monitoring your workout just with a single click of the button on the headset. I really love this feature since you can hear all the basic info about your exercise routines without the need to look into your phone.


I found the steps counter to be very accurate thanks to the PerformTek Precision biometrics technology.


Carat highlight feature is the patented Speed Dependent Sound Technology (SDS). The tech basically speeds up and slows down the sound effects according to the intensity of your workout. For example, if you are working hard, the Carat will automatically pump up the music and similarly, dial the music down when you are relaxing.



As for sound quality, it is pretty good. The sound is balanced, the volume output is great and the finally, the sound does not get distorted at the highest volume settings.



I didn’t have any connectivity issues even when my phone was somewhere deep in the pocket. The call quality is pretty good too.


As for the battery life, my FIIL Carat worked for about six hours before I needed to recharge. It takes about an hour and a half to charge it back to 100%.



Fiil Carat is a pretty cool headset with some fitness tracking capabilities. Our base version of the headset can track your steps, distance walked or calories burned accurately by just pressing one button.

Also, the headset has a decent battery life, it is comfortable to wear and the sound quality is definitely one of the better ones you can find in this price range.

All in all, the Fiil Carat is a great device that does more than just a regular Bluetooth headset and motivates you to stay active.

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