Umi Z Might Be The First Helio X27 Phone to Launch This Month

by Habeeb Onawole 4

The first time we came across the Helio X27 chip was in a yet-to-be released LeEco phone called the LeEco Dual 3. Now Mediatek has taken the covers of the processor and it’s now official. But even though it was first spotted on a LeEco phone, it appears Umi will be the first to launch a phone with the new processor in the form of their Umi Z.

Umi Z

It is no surprise that Umi will want to be the first manufacturer to release a phone with the new chip seeing as they did the same with the Helio P20 sporting Umi Plus E and according to sources Mediatek is more than happy with the success of the phone, so why not partner with them again on their next device?

Umi is calling the Umi Z their annual ultra-flagship device but apart from the fact that it might be the first device to feature the new chip, every other detail about the device is still unknown.

helio-x27 helio-x27-2 helio-x27-3

Judging from the upgrades the Helio X27 is offering over other chips, we expect the Umi Z to have a better battery life and probably sport dual cameras since it now has an upgraded Imagiq™ image signal processing processing solution. The new upgrade combines color and mono cameras depth-of-field applications into a single ISP aimed at both quality and functionality for photography.

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The release of the Umi Z will be received with mixed feelings since it is coming on the heels of the recently launched Umi Plus E.

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