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Coming Soon: Elephone Max with 6-inch Display, Dual Cameras and Android Nougat

by Habeeb Onawole 19

For the first time since it began manufacturing phones, Elephone plans to unveil a large screen phablet. The company has always stuck with the 5.5-inch screen size even when competitors were releasing large screen devices, but that is about to change with the Elephone Max.

The Elephone Max like the Meizu M3 Max will sport a 6-inch display. Apart from the large display, Elephone is also hooking it up with the latest version of Android and giving it the dual cameras treatment.

According to our source, the Elephone Max will have an ultra-slim metal body and feature dual rear cameras. The fact that it will sport dual cameras makes us wonder if the phone will be sporting the new Helio X27 processor.

Elephone Max

If you remember, Elephone advertised their Elephone Z1 as the first Helio P20 phone but Umi beat them to it and released the Umi Plus E first. While they are not advertising the Max as the first Helio X27 device since there is still no expected date of release, this might be the time for them to get their own pound of flesh.

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All other specs are still unknown but a 6-inch device with dual cameras and Android Nougat doesn’t sound bad at all. Are you exited about a dual-camera device from Elephone?

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  • Rob

    Nope, not excited about anything this excuse for a phone manufacturer releases.

    • Assefa Hanson

      Sounds like something rob would say


    6″ for big screen entertainment but isn’t it too big to hold? I personally like 5-5.5″ display they are compact.

    • Wolvie

      Hmmm paid fake poster detected.

      Where are the rest ?

      • Free

        Exactly, this guy only comments on elephone articles. The rest wil follow soon sadly.

      • MaxPower

        Don’t be so mean, he’s trying to earn his meal honestly. At least he’s not stealing.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          savage , but in a gentlemanly manner !

      • lildwell

        This guy is world famous. Been outed months ago.

  • princetom

    Another day, another eLIEphone trash

  • Free

    Elephone runs there company like those click bate articles. The reviews of the elephone s7 are coming in and it doesnt look good (not surprised). They sell there crap with alote hype and low pre-order prices, just like click bate there are alway’s a couple of people who wil go for it and just like clickbates always dissapointed. Just look at the elephone p9000, p8000, s3, vowney, etc etc. All bad build quality, software, hardware or a combination of. And people stil surprised when they realised there pre-order elephone isnt what the company promised. Like Einstein said human stupidity is infinite.

    • randominternetperson

      I googled Elephone s7 reviews and couldn’t find anything you are talking about. I only see some shitty reviews from people who’s reviewing it based off of specs. They don’t even own the phone.

      • Tyrone Biggens


  • Midori Chen

    So this brand is also releasing dual camera device?? what would be the special / additional feature in it?

    • goodwill

      Didn’t you already comment on gizchna 24 hours ago on this particular model. Why the surprise? hahaha. Good job at making it obvious.

  • Saku

    Goodness, Elephone needs to stop their spam announcements. They can’t even perfect their past units so why are they announcing they are releasing something one after the another… 😕

  • Muhammad Yasir

    its elephone you knucklehead !
    who dafuq gets excited for elephone !

    • lildwell

      You’ve been missing it. The comments section for elephone paid articles have turned into warzones. Airyl on gizchina got jumped for defending the articles. Dimitris got jumped on here for defending his articles. Goodwill is actually using peoples emails on Facebook to expose paid posters. Comments have gotten deleted.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        well i was banned for more than a month from the Giz forums … so its a given that i missed out

        i read Airyl’s recent replies and i found them succinct . nothing wrong with that he’s doing.

        hell , if the going gets tough , i might have to take up the EleJob too ! i’m STILL without a smartphone !

        • lildwell

          I don’t mind his comments either but the paid commenters are out of control. My redmi note 2 is on it’s last leg so they need to pick it up with the reviews!