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Meizu M5 Note Official: 4GB RAM, All Metal Body & 4000mAh Battery!

by Joe 27

Meizu has taken the wraps off its latest budget offering, the Meizu M5 Note in an event today in Beijing, China. The company will continue to use an all metal body on its new mid-ranger and will offer plenty of color options as well, which has become a highlight of the Blue Charm series. The Meizu M5 Note will be available in four colors — Sky Gray, Champagne Gold, Moonlight Silver, and Glacier Blue.

meizu m5 note

The phone features a curved 2.5D glass up front to give it a premium look. The design remains more or less similar to other Blue charm phones, so you have the traditional antenna lines on the top as well as the bottom. However, the company engineers have reportedly improved the antenna signal for more strength and stability and the company claims that the signal quality and strength have more than doubled than the previous generation model. In case you are wondering, there’s dual SIM dual standby. The card slot is hybrid, so you can insert a MicroSD card for expansion at the expense of the second SIM card slot.

meizu m5 note

As for the specs, the Meizu M5 Note features a 5.5-inch 1080p display up front with 450 nits maximum brightness, which translates into 403ppi. The screen comes with many features such as sunlight mode, eye mode etc. Inside, the phone comes with the Helio P10 octa-core processor with 3GB /4GB of RAM and 16GB/ 32GB /64GB of storage options that’s expandable up to 128GB.

The camera on the Meizu M5 Note is a Sony 13MP sensor with PDAF that focuses in just 0.2 seconds and f/2.2 aperture. Up front, you get a 5MP shooter with ArcSoft’s algorithm for better quality images. You get a fingerprint sensor as well, which unlocks in 0.2 seconds. There’s a large 4000mAh battery on board, which will fill up quickly since it supports 18W mCharge. As for the software, the phone is using the new Flyme 6 OS that promises 20% better CPU and memory resource allocation for faster performance.

The Meizu M5 Note starts at just 899 Yuan ($130) for the 3GB + 16GB model, 999 Yuan ($146) for the 3GB + 32GB model while the 4GB + 64GB model retails for 1499 Yuan ($218). The phone goes on sale on December 8.



meizu-m5-note-03 meizu-m5-note-02 meizu-m5-note-33 meizu-m5-note-32

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    good package overall , EXCEPT for the SHIT CPU and the stupid camera !


    AND we need CPUs which are BETTER than P10 in perf and other aspects !

    • willysson

      I’d rather know the specs on the camera (sensor size, pixel size) before dissing it.

      • Muhammad Yasir


    • Muhammad, my friend, learn that MP don’t count for a better camera.
      Meizu’s package at this price point is very fine indeed.
      Most phones in this price point, have horrible cameras, shit video-quality, no sensors(except light and proximity) and usually come with MT6737 or 6753.
      On top of all that Flyme is great, and it offers so much more functionality than your regular phone(especially the dual-window mode is the bomb).
      It’s not a gaming-centered phone, but this baby will get anything else done, really fast.
      M3 Note was a great device, but a bit pricey, and here they offer 3GB RAM for just 130$

      • Muhammad Yasir

        i’ll take your word for it , sadly no Meizu in Pakistan yet or i might have given it a try (or tricked someone into buying it and then giving it a try 😀 )

        i still find the p10 very very unconvincing (don’t you :p ?! )

        first time i’m hearing good words about Flyme… have always heard how laggy it is.

        i hope the camera is good. previous iterations have had good cams , so its a mantle M5 will have to take up gracefully !

        • Tremaine Underwood

          I have to agree with Steven when it comes to Flyme. I moved from my M1 note to a Le 1 pro. I miss Flyme it is hands down my favourite launcher. The Note is still getting updates, if I compare it to what it was shipped with there is no comparison. Its on a completely other level now. And apparently its getting Flyme 6. I have been lucky to own a IOcean Rock, Ecoo e04 and guys at work have the Jiayu S3 and those only got a few updates in the first few months and then nothing.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            wow .. so Meizu is good n consistent with the updates , eh ?

            just raised Meizu’s rep a bit , in my eyes. if it comes to Pakistan , will surely go for it.
            heck , who knows , if i come into some extra cash , might even buy the M5 through import but i am put off by the CPU and the lack of type-c.

          • Tremaine Underwood

            Yes very consistent, there are still constant updates. I kinda agree on the CPU side, I think the P10 is a powerful chip I just would have preferred to have seen the X20 here(but it would blur the lines with their product line up). I don’t agree on Type C though, as I said I have moved over to the Le 1 Pro and find it very frustrating. I would have preferred if they stuck with micro.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            on second thought , i saw the unboxing pics in the site .. they have type c !

          • balcobomber25

            I have been using the Le S3 for about a month now. With Google Now Launcher it’s not a bad UI.

          • Tremaine Underwood

            Hey Balco, I thought you had gone into exile for good because of all these Ele-Ad articles :-). I will give it a try, thanks. I unfortunately bought one of the US Le 1 pro’s, I didn’t know there was any difference until I received it. The US version cannot run the Chinese rom which means no official updates which kinda sucks. I don’t really like custom roms, so I installed Cuoco92’s conversion of the chinese Lollipop rom.

          • balcobomber25

            I didn’t even know they had US Le 1 Pro’s. So far with the phones they officially launched here I have had two updates and my friend’s Pro 3 has received one.

          • Tremaine Underwood

            Yeah know either until O bought one I got it for $182 back in July, but it turns out the reason they were so cheap was to get into the American market. I am a South African and would have preferred the Chinese version. Anyway its an awesome price and that was a steal. It just sucks that it doesn’t support the Chinese rom, I guess they changed the hardware slightly or something. Its possibly its just partitioned differently, but I can’t find any info on how to change it.

          • balcobomber25

            With the MX5 I received an update every single month, sometimes 2 a month. If there recent phones had US LTE support I would still own a Meizu.

        • I have used Flyme a lot and it’s definitely not laggy.
          It has a longer animation time by default , if you go to the developer’s options you can set the animation scale to .5x and it’s just as snappy as anything else.
          I do that on absolutely every phone I get, reduce the animation time to .5x, since I don’t care for fancy animations.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            but.. but … ANIMATIONS LOOK NICE !

            also , you can show them off 😛

        • Jh1

          I’ll second Steven on Flyme. It’s a very nice platform, and receives regular updates on my m2 note.

        • balcobomber25

          I never has any issues with Flyme, it was probably one of the lighter UI’s that I have used from China and it has some neat features baked in.

          As for the P10 it’s not bad for a budget phone, it can handle most things you would expect from a $150 phone. It’s not going to be a gaming powerhouse but it’s not meant to be either.

    • illystor

      The Redmi Note 3 Pro’s 16MP rear camera was absolutely dire. Megapixel count is only one metric and rarely the most meaningful one.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        ok man , i hear ya.

        how good is the RN4 camera in comparison ?

  • sagar_dx

    oh no p10 again why not x20 like redmi note4??

    • goodwill

      or P20 at least

      • Jeremy Dre

        Would like a p20 indeed

  • Assefa Hanson

    Ewww p10 Will anybody ever make a p10 phone on 720 p its much better that way

  • Saku

    P10 is a darling for Meizu and Umi. But for the specs mentioned, the price is quite good, though the big problem are the resellers who will sell it with 30% addition to its retail price.

  • G’n’T

    Aside from the pricing it looks to be the same as the M3 Note. I don’t get it.

    Also you wold think this new phone would appear on their website the same day it is launched but nothing there at all. Meizu=Bizarre

  • balcobomber25

    I don’t really get it, it’s nearly the same specs as the last few M phones. Doesn’t seem like much of anything has changed except the name.