Xiaomi Launches 8H Latex Mattress M3 Under Crowdfunding

by Jed John 1

Xiaomi’ s crowdfunding platform has gone official with its latest product which as teased yesterday. As speculated, the product is a mattress in the 8H Latex product line. This one is called 8H Latex Mattress M3 and it comes with some improvement over the 8H Latex mattress M1.

8h latex mattress m3

According to the specification, the spring mattress uses the Thai direct mining natural latex, steel independent pocket spring, and drawer-type layered design. The mattress also comes with jacket covering which is washable and uses YKK zipper.

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The 8H Latex Mattress M3 comes in three different sizes, the smallest one comes with a dimension of 1.2m x 2m x 20cm and carries a price tag of 1499 Yuan ($200). There is another with a dimension of 1.55m x 2m x 20cm price at 1599 Yuan ($213), and yet a third with a dimension of 1.8m x 2m x 20cm starting at 1699 Yuan ($227).