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Gizmochina Giveaway – Win An Elephone S7 Phone

by Shine Wong 243

elephone s7 giveaway

Gizmochina along with Elephone official is conducting a Elephone S7 phone as Giveaway gift to one of our lucky readers. Like always, you just have to follow the steps mentioned on the Gleam widget to get a chance to win this amazing phone.

First of all, Elephone wants to express their gratitude to their customers for their support for the year,and they say it’s your support that make them stronger and better day by day and they want to share the journey with you in the future.

What expect for elephone of 2017? Please leave comments under this article. Elephone will get better with your suggestions.

In order to thank Elephone for sponsoring the Elephone S7 giveaway, the one lucky winner will be selected among those who follow on Elephone Twitter:

Just follow the steps mentioned in the Gleam widget to participate in the giveaway.

Once again, happy new year everyone and good luck.

Gizmochina Giveaway – Win A Free Elephone S7

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  • Vishal Giri

    I expect a Helio X30 powered budget beast like S7 from Elephone!!!

  • Cosmin Musat

    A flagship with Qualcomm Snapdragn 835.

    • BS

      it’s helio x20, not qualcomm

      • Cosmin Musat

        The question was: What do you expect on elephone in 2017 ? So I expect a smartphone with QS 835.

        • BS

          oh sorry, l want a qualcomm model by ele so bad

  • RandomAverageJoe

    I expect a bezel-less, Helio X30 powered phone and perhaps an update to the Elephone W2.


    #No doubt, Elephone has made excellent smartphones like s7, P9000 etc. but they need to have better selfie & rear camera qualities, may be dual camera setup like Vivo V5, Vivo X9 plus. In normal usage people mostly uses his/her smartphone taking photos & selfies and also for light gaming, for that 20 MP front & rear camera and 4gb to 6gb ram would be enough. Adding these specifications would be +selling point for elephone in terms of other smartphone manufacturers. So, I think they will definitely focus on camera quality not only on hardware configurations, so lets wait & watch what they bring to us in 2017.

    • mirtunjay kumar

      Yes, I would also like see 20MP cameras from Elephone, They are just awesome, 4 or 6 GB RAM would be good. I agree with your comment. #GOOD LUCK ELEPHONE FOR 2017 AND BRING SURPRISES TO US.

  • sunny bhogle

    I expect a compact smartphone not more than 5 inch with a full hd display , a front mounted fingers scanner , a excellent rear camera like s7 or the google pixel with a camera shutter button and last but not least water proof. Am I asking too much 😬. Elephone has raised my expectations with their every new product launch. All the best team

  • Stefan Aldea

    I expect better software support

  • BS

    l’d like to seen people being happy this year, cogratzz to all participants, PS ele, keep making new smartphones

  • Paul

    I am looking forward for the elephone s8.
    I am hoping for about 5,5 inch and no bezels.

  • Albino

    A qhd 5.5 Cellphone, i really want a Qhd display.

  • getit4free

    New phone with Full HD display (or better) on 5,2″ bezelless full-metal body! So smiliar to the R9 but either smaller or with a decent CPU (e.g. Snapdragon 821 – or preferably the upcoming Snapdragon 835).

  • xico2kx

    Dear Elephone, 👦
    Please considered these suggestions for your future phones! 😇

    ◾ Style like the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but with curved screen and fully-bezeless on all 4 sides! 📃🔳↔️↕️✨
    ◾ Very large battery (5000mAh or more)! 🔋🔝
    ◾ Super strong screen like Gorila Glass 4! 🛡⚒

    I wish you a Very Happy and Successful New Year 2017!!! 🎆🎉🐓😄

  • Nizia Jamee

    better style and looks,better performance and better battery life in 2017

  • Marcin

    Not only high performance, but also great look, greater accesories and the greatest software improves.

  • Joe Valenti

    would love to win the green one!

  • Heather Wes

    the Helio X20 processor and faster charging times.. Im still currently using a blackberry 9900 so everything about this phone is better then mine lol

  • Badelhas

    I expect them to have a true flagship killer with Helio X35 SOC 😉


  • DarthBatman

    Elephone are not bad at making phones, just not very good at optimizations. I expect them to concentrate on fewer models but at the same time to make them perform better. User experience is all that matters if everyone is using similar hardware.

  • Mery Saiz Lopez

    I hope elephone pull out a 5.5 inch phone with Helio x30

  • Josefina Zunzunegui Garcia

    New smartphone full hd, 6gb ram, helio x30, display 5.7

  • Victor Mazo Zunzunegui

    a new smartwatch and smartband.

  • Raky_b

    i hope they will go with Qualcoom soon

  • Nik Aiman

    i hope they will change it to Qualcoom soon

  • I am hoping they use helio X30 /X35 with a 5.7 or 6″ display with 4200mah battery

  • Manuel A Neves

    I expect support from community so that Elephone join great quality phones ando software.

  • greeceeeee

    I expect more updates on every elephone smartphone,continue with this quality hardware and even better to see smartphones with snapdragon processor and build the next smartphone with this amazing designs!

  • Hassan Mazhar Muhammad

    Wow, it is the best and nice. I love it.

  • Richard Zuniga

    I expect better oftware optimizations and also I expect to win this giveaway 😀

  • Saku

    OIS in camera, Snapdragon SoC and a good UI tweaks.

  • Abderrahmane

    I expect more updates on every elephone smartphone!

  • groza emil claudiu

    I expect new update, and a true flagship killer with Helio X35 SOC

  • suresh bhogle

    I expect a snapdragon 835 powered phone. With 128 gb internal storage

  • Kamlesh Aiyer

    SD 835 powered beast with market disrupting prices, India launch/availability

  • Alexander Genvarev

    new processor and more ram

  • Giorgio Scampini

    As never won anything, expect that sold it in Venezuela at a price that can be accessible, and that otherwise could not have it, I really like this telephone s7, but I don’t have many possibilities to buy it, so it depends on the price. But if you like me and if anything I hope this 2017 is to be the owner of one of this smartphone. who knows, maybe become a reality

  • Adarsh Verma

    dual camera

  • Ravin Lad

    Elephone S7, R9 & P9000 are my favorite phones. Elephone has built an awesome phone that I’m really eager to experience. They’ve built a monster device with advance feature, that What’d I asked for more. I really love to have a CDMA+GSM supporting phone.
    I’m expect to have CDMA frequency support and Qualcomm processor from Elephone in 2017.
    That’s it from me as Their phones have a eye catching design, fast RAM with enough inbuilt memory and such innovation they apply on the phone. I don’t want anything. I’m desperate to experience Elephone S7.

    Thanks @GizmoChina and @Elephone for giving a chance to win my fantacy phone Elephone S7.

  • RJ Macaldo

    OIS camera plus updates.

  • Costas S Lamprinos

    dual camera

  • Janos Levente

    128 gb rom

  • Jerome Concepcion

    I expect a lot from Elephone this year. But I dont have an opportunity to have one. I dream to have my own someday.

  • Gabspy

    I spect a more awesome performance/ price ratio on 2017

  • Albert Tagoctoc

    Aftersale concerns should be your greatest priority this year as you become more visible in this mobile industry

  • Alen Kalac

    To many phones , better is just a few with very good competitive specifications and prices for all segments, and better software support

  • Suman Magar

    I expect SD835 power innovation with best price rates. And availability

  • richard foster

    everyone always throws around camera specs and processor specs etc yet i believe wireless charging or more specifically wireless fast charging is a big yes and would prove popular

  • Liz Ferguson

    a great camera xx

  • Wilson Pall

    Dual Camera, Helio X30 powered.

  • Deepankur Khanna

    My Simple expectation from Elephone is top notch hardware phone with one of the first of its kind of innovation to make our lives simple yet elegant, The no compromise on design should be taken inspiration from S8 model. Also for global users trust is more on Snapdragon so if possible use this soc instead of Mediatek alone.

  • Dr. Liu Min Han

    Another budget phone that will be a flagship killer!

  • Rylee

    I would love to see wireless charging and plenty of giveaways

  • ArchieStarZ

    Before this i use an iphone 4s in a couple of years, now i own an elephone P8000 since december 2015 i must say it was a Great Phone and this is my 1St android phone , i still using until now 100% working good. Yet elephone still build more power solid flagship phone in this couple of years and i love to have some of the new build phone .hoping and wishing that elephone can stand like top brand in the world the best phone
    Hope i can win
    Goodluck everyone
    #Elephone #HuatKawkaw

  • Zahar Kanapatsky

    From Elephone in 2017. I expect new, advanced models and loyal prices)))

  • tkff

    In 2017 I expect a RELIABLE and beauty (like green S7) smartfone

  • Bernadette Balino

    Hoping for more innovations for future phones that is truly worth the price, quality as its best.

  • kostas

    More amazing smartphones.

  • Silva Lowie

    I expect more products from Elephone in 2017 and more affordable too! 😀

  • Nitin Bansal

    Expecting more battery backup & more powerful processor in it.

  • Nitin Bansal

    Wish to be lucky one to win this time with you. Fingers crossed tightly again,

  • Ivica Anđal

    I expect more great products

  • Cynaegeirus

    Dual Camera, Helio X30, Better quality

  • j4m3z

    More new and exciting phones

  • Tomasz

    In my opinion, Mediatek Helio X30, 6GB Ram, Camera 21MPa, Video
    1080p, 2K, 4K.

  • Francisco Sanchez

    I expect a phones with more battery

  • Aleksandr Filatov

    Happy New year! )

  • Igor Cemenkoski

    Better battery better price

  • Birbrata Roy

    I expect elephone will be launch 100% Brazeless with fingerprint display smartphone on budgeted price

  • Jonaid Pangcoga Noor

    Dual camera with OIS and EIS would be awesome. 4gb/64gb memory that’ll kill most flagship device and the most important is it must be an affordable smartphone.

  • Reyan Kinng

    I would To Expect Elephone S8 Is Flagship Killer Phone In 2017

  • Ивайло Иванов

    Design, durability, functionality and good camera 🙂 This I expect Elephone 🙂

  • sam soon

    Dual Camera, Helio X30, good price

  • Šimon Slávik

    I expect from Elephone to create smartphone with top-level camera.

  • Rahul R

    elephone has released superb looking phones in 2016 …hope they continues that and expand their horizon for more sales!!!

  • Rohan Kuche

    I expect better performance from Elephone in 2017

  • Sami Viitasalo

    I wish from Elephone better software

  • MarcinSzq

    I expect elephone phone helio cpu powered which beat the newest devices with snap835.

  • Waleed El-Khamisy

    Better performance

  • Angelo Joseph Vargas Vibal IV

    To be mine.

  • dupa.blada

    Smaller screen with bigger battery and more optimized interface.

  • Wahyu

    Growing fast in inovation on the global market

  • ลุงหมี ตาแก่ขี้บ่น

    High End Dual Camera with HighEnd CPU

  • Joseph Banghal

    World’s Class Quality Brands Excellent Specifications/Features, Great Performances and Long Battery Life Span


    I expect real Bezel less smartphone like Mi Mix from Elephone in 2017 !

  • Smaller screen with bigger battery and more

  • Azan Siddique

    Better performance

  • Tiago Martins

    Amazing smartphone for a good price

  • Elephone should improve the battery life in their phones.

  • Miguelo

    Elephone awesome phone this 2017 you will get big turnover which will introduce cool phone other than competitor,I’ll certainly cross my fingers and hope 2017 is a lucky year for me!!!

  • Doung Sengchhoung

    What I really expect are 5.7inch with 2K display, 16Mega Pixel with OIS on the back and 16Mega Pixel on the front.

  • hacker power

    Even more awesome budget phones!

  • Leon Šopar

    Helio x30 for sure in the next phone

  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    High End gadgets

  • Evgeny Moryatov

    great phones

  • Luciana Fernunson

    great phones

  • lenst

    Smaller screen with bigger battery and more better performance

  • Robert Palasy

    I expect real Bezel less smartphone like Mi Mix from Elephone in 2017 !

  • Jorge Viana E Couto

    May Elephone achieve is goals for 2017, providing unique experiences, solutions and products as good as they have done since the beginning, and may we all be here to share our satisfaction, and congratulate them for the work well done! A toast to that! Cheers!

  • CJ

    Yeah, the battery is the thing to optimize!

  • Shabaz Ali

    I expect 5000mah battery with dual camera

  • Klára Glenister

    dual camera

  • dansm

    expect 5000mah battery with dual camera

  • Mr.AAKulkarni

    Compact flagship!!

  • Hamid Mehmood

    i expect to see a phone with a builtin projector and a phone with foldable display 😀

  • Chemy

    all I’m asking from Elephone this year is being Daydream compatible 🙂

  • Rafael Pereira

    Expecting only good things: better phones with good battery life. 🙂

  • Alexandra Barros

    The Same!!! Unique…!!!

  • Chispi Garcia

    Dual cámara

  • Jitendra Sakariya

    Expect that #Elephone gadgets available officially in India, 2017 soon.

  • sryudotcom

    I love Elephone S7. I hope i win it

  • ArchieStarZ

    2017 phone We like to have bigger Screen oled display .bigger Battery .better sharp camera can zoom from far away,front Camera with Flash .a great processor cips .bigger ram for gaming ,LessblackBar on the screen . and yet sound quality for better music .
    ALL in 1 SmartElephone 🙂

  • Arpit Patel

    In 2017,#Elephone i expect more devices with better software experience and availability in India

  • KatsikoSkulo

    More phones like Elephone S7 😀

  • Rashid MH

    i want a 10000 mah battery phone


    More phones like Elephone S7 !

  • Esco Garcia

    Una batería más potente

  • Rodel Mercurio

    More phones like Elephone S7

  • Neftalí Correas

    +RAM +ROM +Battery ++++++ smartphone=smartpocketpc

  • Nazia Sharif

    I Love Elephone, best brand Amazing quality

  • Nazia Sharif

    I expect from Elephone to more best products in 2017

  • Sagar VK18

    Looking forward too see more Budget friendly & Good build quality devices from Elephone! 😀

  • Sergey P

    More great phones

  • Markos

    I expect great phones as always and better support 😀

  • tahir satti

    I expect that elephone More great and budget friendly

  • Luís Talhinhas

    Melhor rendimento da bateria autonomia, relação qualidade preço.

  • Anna Leliakova

    I want them to continue to delight us with good phones

  • Daniel T

    Bluetooth 5, 6GB RAM, Wifi ac/ad maybe? Why not? And the most important – a battery that can last for at least 2 entire days. That’s what I hope to see

  • Dan Valentin

    The very best customer support and updates.

  • Arie Kembario

    most wanted phone with samsung and Iphone

  • Ricardo Arieira

    Smartphones with better Battery.

  • Adalbert Arkosi

    software updates, less bezels, phones with qualcomm chipsets

  • Jenelyn Cardoza

    This 2017, #Elephone im looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • Alex Taskaev

    Good smartphones with Snapdragon 835

  • Mudashiru K. Abimbola Adebumit

    Elephone has so much to offer and to be better in 2017, they need to listen more to criticism and upgrade their customers service to their fans. It’s only someone that want you to improve that will offer criticism. Also Elephone needs to take software development and regular update to OS very serious. All these apart, from quality products set the men apart from the boys.

  • oscar de jesus alonso

    They can do it best phone

  • Blerim M. Cakaj


  • R4PH1T4

    Seguir con ese diseño tan bonito

  • joan rafunzel medina

    I love camera, so i expect that photos capture by this will be amazing.

  • Ammar Ahmed

    Hope #S7 #ELECPHONE

  • Anthony Mumford

    I hope they continue to make great phones we can afford

  • Frank Franks

    I hope that they can keep their phones at budget level because it gives me a chance to own a great device

  • Harry Thomas Marks

    I expect them to blow the umi Z out of the water with a Helio X30

  • techi

    Thanks a lot for giving such an opportunity guys. 🙂


    Wow another giveaway!! Thank you very much

  • Mumbie

    I would love to see an aggressive market tactic in Europe by them and more great, but budge phones like the X5. It was huge success here.

  • Rafa Uribarri

    more phones

  • Mumbie

    I would like to see an aggressive european market tactic and more budge friendly phones. Like the Trunk.

  • vasmas

    #Elephone i’m looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • fofo

    I hope they continue to make great phones we can afford

  • Qboss

    I expect smartphones with even better specifications, still at good prices and quality to show competitors who’s the boss. I would also like more efficient batteries with higher capacity.

  • Ricks

    I’m expect to have more mobile frequency support and Qualcomm processor phones from Elephone in 2017.

    As never won anything, I want to have one to feel the awesome Elephone phone. I really like this telephone s7, but I may have some possibilities to be an owner of Elephone S7.

    Thanks @GizmoChina and @Elephone for Elephone S7 phone giveaway.

  • Bellicová Kim

    Good smartphones with Snapdragon 835

  • Ajdin Mujić

    I want this device: metal/glass build with 5.5-6.0 inch bezel-less Super AMOLED screen. 6+ GB RAM + 128-256 GBs of storage. Latest Helio/Snapdragon processor with Nougat. Good software with updates.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I hope they make great phones like always

  • Ximo Agut

    The, #Elephone modernizing smartphones with a high end camera and long battery life with competitive prices

  • rakesh kumar

    nice giveaway i love this my best wish with you

  • Rak Ramozano

    I expect the bigger camera 21MP with brighter in dark place.

  • Felipe Emerson


  • Bryan Coronel

    I expect a cam of 16 mp in the S7 and
    battery that lasts more

  • johnlong

    #Elephone im looking forward for more
    smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • Bogdan Lazar

    A good quality camera !!!

  • Karo N

    Great battery and camera, good tech!

  • Marta rodriguez

    Progresa doing best phone

  • Décio Henriques

    I expect a better battery and more RAM , keep the good job 🙂

  • ana cardenas oliver

    Una muy buena camara

  • power and small size battery in new cool smartphone

  • Francisco Perez

    grandes smartphones y varias sorpresas tambien con la gama que nos ofrece

  • rhyme


  • jesus jam

    Great battery and camera

  • Wilson Pall

    Elephone S7 strongly indicated its resolve to blaze the trail with the highly respected Helio X20 chip powered by a Decacore processor. The phone comes in three different variants. 2GB + 16GB, 3GB+32GB and 4GB + 64GB. Elephone S7 is a 5.5inch FHD beauty with incredible specs and design. What set this smartphone apart is the innovative design and color scheme. The phone is a bezel-less design with powerful 13MP back camera and 5MP front selfie for capturing great moments. Its comes with the usual fingerprint sensor and type C charging. users are assured of an expanded storage up to 128GB for their needs. The S7 comes with affordable prices for all.

  • XYZ009

    Helio X30

  • Asriel Rusdyawan

    The Best MTK CPU for Elephone before Quarter 2, 2017..

  • snowhite89

    Helio X30

  • Fofi Yiannis

    #Elephone im looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • mphatso

    I hope you guys will open shops in my country Malawi. Its the only way for us to get these amazing phones

  • Martin

    I am expecting a Helio X30 with 6″ rounded edges screen, powerful battery, dual camera and 8GB+128GB and a very competitive price.

  • Carlos Miguel Pereira

    european service center

  • MitsosDaBest

    I expect more OTA updates.

  • Alex Fedos

    more capacity battery and camera, good tech!

  • yacinedj15

    Helio X30

  • Andy Yudhanto

    I’m expecting Elephone can make a Camera centric phone with large battery and it comes with affordable price

  • Sachin P

    for me i expect better camera sensors & a good processor for fluid performance.

  • Ricardo

    the best like always! more capacity battery, better sensors camera, great processor, big RAM, etc… the best, always the best!

  • Amac

    Just the name makes me want it.

  • Nuria Macías García

    I am expecting a Helio X30

  • Jozeph Limarino

    I expect the a Helio X30, storage 128GB, OTA update, Big battery and fast charging.

  • Maria Pilar

    I want to buy an S7 elephone

  • Kristian Punu

    Elephone S7 is really beautiful, but if you add a few more functions, It will the most awesome flagship device in the world.
    First, FHD display is nice, but if you replace it with 2K display, it will produce a stunning display.
    Second, I prefer a phone without home button, so Fingerprint scanner should be located in power button. Using power button as Fingerprint scanner.
    Third, 5.5 inches display produce enough color for FHD Display. With 2K display, 5.5 is not really fit. The best screen size for 2K display is 5.7 inches.

  • Oleg Kaniovskiy

    gorgeous and powerful phone,cool one

  • Hareesh Kabadi

    I expect only 64GB ROM PHONES

  • Mohammad Azizul Islam Khan

    I hope you guys will open shops in my country BANGLADESH. Its the only way for us to get these amazing phones and I’m expecting Elephone can make a Dual Camera phone with large battery and it comes with affordable price.

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal

    I expect the a Helio X30

  • Jordi Lopez Soriano

    Battery life battery life!!!

  • I expect Elephone will release more affordable and powerful phones in 2017!

  • Daniel Ezri

    Expect it ALL

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    What I expect from Elephone in 2017 is really high quality products at really affordable prices like always.
    I can’t wait for C1 Max and Z1 this year.
    But the one that really makes me go nuts is Elephone S7, it’s a true beauty 🙂

  • Bruno Mourão

    Thanks for the chance 😉
    I expect that Elephone this year becomes a true world leading brand known for amazing quality in every single product, good support which is a thing they need to improve and continue to deliver all of this at phenomenal prices.

  • Ariska

    expect a Helio x30 and 64 Rom Phone

  • Ioana Mohora

    64gb, 8g ram, 20 mp camera and 13 mp front camera. ( but very good)

  • Progressor

    To make more phablets, please 🙂

  • A Helio X30 processor alongside a huge battery!

  • Dexter Cruz

    Awesome and beast phone.

  • Adnan Rana

    Good phones at good prices.

  • Radu

    I expect from Elephone to update Elephone S7 with Android 7.1 Nougat and also other phones.

  • Dimitris Prountzos

    The most awesome flagship device in the world.!!!

  • Vineeth S

    I expect more such awesome phones and other smarthome and smart wearable devices from elephone in 2017. Would love to have an elephone home assistant and fitness band

  • Ahoi Sandra

    expect newest android

  • Viktor van Schumann

    Bazelless phone!! 🙂

  • Hugo Bustamante T

    Beast phone

  • Kartikey Porwal

    I want Elephone to work on smartphone with curved screen equipped with advance and more powerful RAM.
    Thank You

  • Andreia Lopes

    I truly wish that Elephone begins to make different type of products like Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smartwatches, smartbands and so on 😀
    Wish to have an Elephone so beautiful like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it would be most wonderful and perfect thing that I could have 😀

  • hlk6

    Great giveaway!!

  • Florian Gindorf

    I hope the Android 7 Update for my P9000 will finally be available OTA, I’m very happy with that phone still waiting for the update though

  • woman ft.

    I hope they continue
    to make great phones we can afford

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    Maybe Snapdragon 835?

  • babymharz

    I expect Elephone to expand their market to Southeast Asia. Hopefully they will include Philippines.


    #Elephone im looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • Rinkal

    I’m expecting to keep continue growth of Elephone. Rise more and achieve new heights in 2017. I’m expecting CDMA phone, bezelless display phone, Qualcomm processor phones.
    I wish elephone great Luck for 2017 n For Future as well.

  • Arsh Siddiqui

    I hope the Android 7 Update for my P9000 will finally be available OTA, I’m very happy with that phone still waiting for the update though

  • Sedra CH

    #Elephone im looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • Azan Siddiqui

    I expect only 64GB ROM PHONES

  • Bibbaa Baachaa

    #Elephone im looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • shandie

    I expect better camera qualities & battery life

  • Prince Siddiqui

    #Elephone im looking forward for more smartphone with a high ends camera and long lasting battery in a cheap pices!

  • Zee Shan

    The most awesome flagship device in the world.!!!

  • Aisha Siddiqui

    to make great phones we can afford

  • Sushruta

    Some more great smartphones… 🙂

  • Marcos P.

    Mejores cámaras y grandes baterías

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    I expect GOOD BATTERIES!!!!!

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    I expect 64GB ROM and powerful batteries!

  • Eugene Yaschenko

    I expect more great Elephone phones at affordable price

  • Adnan Popara

    More budget friendly, reliable and quality smartphones.

  • Brandon Sparks

    It’s perfect the way it is.

  • Yaroslav Vishnyak

    i want Elephone to make more phones with big batteries!

  • Angelo Joseph Vargas Vibal IV

    Who won?

  • Alfredo

    Who won the giveaway?

  • Martin

    I guess it wasn’t me since I did not receive any email 🙁


    Result, please!

  • Chispi Garcia

    Para cuando el ganador

  • Nuria Macías García

    Where is the winner?

  • Adrian Popescu