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Which brand Smartphone are you using as your daily driver (Poll)

by Joe 7

With the entry of Chinese companies into the smartphone industry, we have to agree that the market has become more interesting with plenty of different options available to consumers. While this may not be good news for existing companies (as cutthroat competition would mean less profits for them), consumers are definitely the ones benefiting from this.


So, we are conducting a poll to check out which brand smartphone are you using right now as your daily driver. We know many of you may have more than one smartphone (that could be a different brand as well) but here we are looking for phones that you use every day from making calls, watching videos to checking e-mails and messages.

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  • TheOracle

    I’m a Xiaomi user but I’m surprised that it’s so far ahead of all the other brands so far in the poll.

    • Pranav

      nothing to surprise.

  • Gousgounis

    There is no point reading this site if you are not a china tech fan, and xiaomi is the top china company.
    I wonder if all the Samsung and apple votes are sincere!

    • G’n’T

      You are getting way ahead of yourself calling Xiaomi the ‘top’ company. Other companies like Huawei have performed much better than Xiaomi this year. Xiaomi have had a poor year in sales and implementation..

    • zymo

      I’m a Nexus user, but I find the development of chinese brands quite interesting. And as a overall tech fan you should know that the tech world is not just limited to Apple, Samsung, LG….That’s why I’m reading sites like Gizmochina.

  • androidbrick

    Oppo Find 7

  • Robert542

    Where’s elephone, the one you oh so much love?