Xiaomi Releases Roidmi Glasses with Anti-UV Protection

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Remember the teaser image (below) Xiaomi released a few days ago? Turns out it was actually hinting at a pair of eyeglasses. The company took the wraps off the product today. The glasses is released under the Roidmi brand which is the same brand Xiaomi uses for its car charger line.

Xiaomi Launch Jan 18

The Roidmi Glasses is not just your a fancy pair of glasses as its main function is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun. According to the product detail, the Roidmi Glasses can block 99.99% of UV rays. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays are said to be the cause of eye problems like cataracts and retinal damage.

Roidmi Glasses Roidmi Glasses 2

Xiaomi has designed the glasses in a way that it appeals to the younger generation. The glasses comes in a white box which when opened reveals three separate compartments. One holds the frame, another holds the temples, and a third holds the nose pads. Sadly, there is no glass case in the box.

There are two pairs of temples in the box and both have the Roidmi name on it and the same applies to the nose pads as well. It seems you will not need a screwdriver to fix the temples as they clip into the frame easily. After fixing the temple and the nose pad, the weight of the glasses is just 21g.

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Xiaomi says the glasses is resistant to scratches and also has an oleophobic coating. The price for the Roidmi Glasses is currently unknown but we will make sure to update the article once the price is available.

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