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Xiaomi Mi 6 Should Feature Ceramic Body Says Analyst

by Jed John 4

The rumors surrounding the Xiaomi Mi 6 keep pilling up and the mill will remain agog until Xiaomi finally unveils the device. The latest is from popular analyst and IHS director Kevin Wang who hinted that the Mi 6 may come with ceramic body.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The Mi 6 had earlier been tipped to launch with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset as well as pack an OLED display. A ceramic glass body is the latest high-end feature the device is being tipped to come with. Its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi 5 had a version with ceramic body but Xiaomi did pull the plug off the production of that version last year because of its low yield and high production cost.


This would probably be on one version, perhaps the high-end version of the flagship in order for the device not to be flagued with issues of slow production. The Mi Mix which is the latest Xiaomi flagship with ceramic body is being bedeviled by low availability due to slow production output. Peradventure the rumored ceramic version of the Mi 6 also comes with an OLED display and the SD 835 onboard, it promises to be nothing short of a sleek beast. Do recall that there is said to be a lower version with 4GB RAM and Helio X30 chip in the works as well.

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xiaomi mi note 2

In a related news, the analyst also hinted that Xiaomi may announce its 2016 sales results this week.There are suggestions that Xiaomi did record up to 50 million units in sales last year which was a decline from the previous year. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun did acknowledge, though, that the worst time has passed and the company holds high expectations for this year 2017.





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  • Sansa

    Seems like S8 is going to take the first batches of 835. Tough luck for Xiaomi.

    • Bojan Radovanović

      Nope, Xiaomi is certainly bought 1000 or 10 000 peaces, to have one or 3-4 flash sales and be a first one that comes with that SoC… And then, after that first few flash sales of small numbers of that exclusive version of device, they will wait a month or two (when Samsung say the have enough) for a full scale production of both, normal and that exclusive edition.
      In meanwhile they will sell that MTK version of it…

  • Wolvie

    Ceramic body again like the stupid Mi mix ????

  • Bojan Radovanović

    Nope, i won’t be buying that… Neither ceramic neither MTK version…
    There must be one in middle, SD835 version with at least 6GB of RAM, 64GB storage, made of plastic, metal or glass-metal combo…
    MTK they can sale only in China and India, no one other cares about it, and we all sow what happens to ceramic if you don’t hold Mi MIX tight…