Apple is Building Its Own MacBook Chip to Reduce Dependence on Intel

by Habeeb Onawole 0

There have been rumors in the past that Apple is building its own chips for use in MacBooks. The reason for doing so is explained in a report by Bloomberg reporters Mark Gurman and Ian King who have been provided details by unnamed sources.

The report says Apple’s chip codenamed T310 will be based on the T1 chip used in the new MacBook Pro to power the Touch Bar. The T310 which is built on ARM technology will carry out low-power functions currently assigned to Intel chips. Some of these functions which include email and calendar syncing, and installation of software updates are carried out when the MacBook is in a state called Power Nap.

MacBook Pro

These tasks are currently carried out by Intel processors and consume little battery life, but the switch to an ARM chip like the T310 will require a lesser amount of power. And most will agree that the new MacBook Pro would do well with a better battery life.

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The creation of its own chip will help Apple better integrate hardware and software features and designs. In addition to that, it will also be reduce production costs. However, the sources say Apple has no intention of ditching Intel processors completely in its products though the news still affected Intel’s stocks.

The new chip might probably make its way into an upgraded version of the MacBook Pro scheduled for release later this year, so all ye MacBook enthusiasts might want to hold off your purchases.