Xiaomi Teases 73rd Crowdfunding Product, Heart Rate Monitor?

by Jed John 0

The Xiaomi MIJIA brand is coasting at a rapid rate with an almost daily release of one product and in some cases two. While it launched its 72nd product, an air mask for kids today, Xiaomi also teases the launch of another product via the crowdfunding platform. The teased launch event is for the launch of the MIJIA brand’s 73rd product.

The new product is scheduled to be announced on March 30 at 10 AM and from the teaser, it is likely a heart rate or blood pressure monitor. In other words, we may just be looking at another fitness product but one specifically for monitoring the heart rate or blood pressure. Recall that the Xiaomi Mi Band and Mi Band 2 came with heart rate monitoring function among other but this isn’t likely another smart band. The details of the product are still not known at this moment but we look forward to its launch to know more.