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Xiaomi Mi 6 Launched With 12MP Dual Cameras, SD835 & No Headphone Jack

by Joe 46

After a few months of waiting, the Xiaomi Mi 6 is finally official. The phone comes with all the bells and whistles that we expect from a 2017 flagship, including the super fast Snapdragon 835 processor.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Design

The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a four curved design. The back is made out of glass and Xiaomi claims that this curved design gives the phone a natural grip in hand. The process of making the body is not an easy one, as the company adds that it takes about 12 days and 40 processes for each of the body pieces to be finished. The stainless steel frame ensures that the phone is sturdy despite the glass body. This is really important because glass phones usually don’t take falls very well. In case you are wondering, the dual cameras are not protruding and blend well with the overall design.

xiaomi mi 6 hero 3

According to Xiaomi, the Mi 6 is all about the best visual experience. The back of the phone is curved and elegant. The front also looks good, despite the large bezels on the top and the bottom of the display. And yes, as expected, the company has decided to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Mi 6. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your regular headphones and embrace the Bluetooth and USB Type-C earbuds. On the top of the phone, there’s an IR sensor while at the bottom, you’ll find a USB Type-C port and dual speakers on either side. Everything is well covered, which means the phone can take a few splashes of water. Yes, the company is not marketing it as true waterproof or IP67 certified phone (we don’t know the certification yet). So, for now, all we know is that the phone is splash resistant.

xiaomi mi 6 design elements

And yes, the phone has an underglass fingerprint sensor that also acts as the home button.

There are a lot of color options for the phone and each comes with its own unique presence. First, there’s the interesting blue version, that we have already seen in the renders yesterday. What’s even more interesting is the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition that the company claims comes with a totally different feel than the Blue version. It looks like the back is made out of metal with a special ultra-reflective mirror finish. Now before you start drooling over this ultimate Mi 6 Silver edition, note that the mass production of the phone has not yet started. The company reveals that even one speck of dust during the electroplating process renders the batch useless. So, my guess is that this silver edition will be a special limited edition model, that you probably won’t be able to get your hands on.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Specs

The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a Snapdragon 835 chipset under the hood clocked at 2.45GHz with Adreno 540 GPU on board. Note that this is a 10nm chip and comes in an octa-core architecture, which means the phone will be quite efficient as well as powerful. There will be 6GB of RAM on board. The display is of 5.15-inches with 1080p resolution. It’s a Negative LCD display and comes with 600-nit max brightness and 1-nit super low ultra-dark brightness, ideal for night time reading. There’s a special eye protection optimization for the display that ensures that your eyes are not adversely affected by the screen, especially at night. The reading mode on the device reduces the harmful blue light from the screen, and at the same time, maintains the colors displayed.

xiaomi mi 6 snapdragon 835

Now, you will also be interested in the AnTuTu score of the device. While we have already seen the Xiaomi Mi 6 on AnTuTu, the official score is a bit higher (not surprising) and the phone reportedly scores 184,292 on the benchmarking website. That’s one of the highest scores we have seen for an Android smartphone. But understand that real life scores are probably going to be near 170K+, similar to what we have seen in the listing before. On the GFX Manhattan off-screen test for GPU, the phone scored an impressive 63fps. The Mi 6 also comes with Vulkan 3D rendering API, which will ensure realistic graphics and efficient GPU performance.

The phone comes with 2 x 2 Dual Wi-Fi support for better speed and larger range. Mi 6 supports 4G+ which promises 600Mbps max download and 100Mbps upload speeds. Other features of the flagship include stereo speakers and NFC with Mi Pay support (in China).

As for the battery, the Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a 3350mAh battery inside. Now, this may not be large, at least according to Xiaomi’s standards, but the company made sure to add that the phone has one of the larger batteries as compared to competition with similar screen sizes. You should get about a day’s usage with this battery onboard.

xiaomi Mi 6 battery comparison chart


Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera

Xiaomi has once again joined the elite club of manufacturers in 2017 to focus on dual camera setup for better flagship camera performance. The Xiaomi Mi 6 features two cameras at the back, along with a dual tone LED flash on the left. The camera setup is as follows: 12MP wide-angle lens + 12MP telephoto lens. Now, this is a bit different than traditional Android dual camera setup which utilizes one Black and White and one Color sensor. Xiaomi explains that the Mi 6’s camera uses a similar dual camera setup as the iPhone 7 Plus to produce an amazing depth of field effect.

xiaomi mi 6 dual camera setup

Further, the phone comes with 2x optical lossless zoom ensuring clear shots, even at a distance. You also get 10x digital zoom. The Mi 5’s 4-axis OIS will be carried forward on the Xiaomi Mi 6 as well.

mi 6 dual camera sample
Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera Sample



Xiaomi Mi 6 Price

The Xiaomi Mi 6 6GB + 64GB model costs 2499 Yuan ($363) and the 6GB + 128GB edition costs 2899 Yuan ($421).

The special 6GB + 128GB ceramic edition in black is priced at 2999 yuan ($435).

mi 6 pricing


Xiaomi Mi 6 Release

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will be up for sale in China at 10 AM on April 28.


So, what do you think about the Mi 6?



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  • Mido Max

    the proplem is .. how to get this phone in original price !!
    6GB + 64GB ($363) !! just in dreams .. the price will be more 475 $ !! for this version

    • The Rebrand Nation

      I think in china it cost 363$ , but world wide will cost 450 $ easely

    • J B

      Use an agent in China, have them order from the xiaomi store for you and send it to you.

      • Bojan Radovanović

        Anyways, if you order it from China, you have to pay shipping costs and VAT.
        That is at least 25% more, if not more.
        In same time, i bought SGS8 for 500$ (one year contract) that comes with warranty and service support… Which Xiaomi doesn’t provide to me.

        • J B

          Shipping costs – of course, but you can definitely avoid VAT. I have had approximately mover 200 packages shipped from China in the past four years and not once have I paid any taxes. The value of these packages has ranged from $3 all the way to $1200, so it is definitely avoidable if you are clever. Therefore no it is not 25% more, it is manageable with a service surcharge of $15 and shipping costs, which are around with $28 with my preferred carrier PostNL.

          • Raky_b

            well, you are not living in Norway 😉

            and i would say you are very lucky not to pay VAT, i don’t think it is something that just go so easy as you are saying.

          • Bojan Radovanović

            Don’r know om which country you live in, but trust me, in Norway you woul pay for every package that cost more than 25€.

  • Saku

    Whoa! I’ll get this… I’ll get this! It’s an absolute stunner from Xiaomi. This is why I love them.

    • _aLex5k8

      Who gives a f fuck about headphones jack? There are type C adapter.
      Seconded, I’ll buy this as well if it comes in europe with a decent price! 🙂

      • Saku

        Well, resellers already implemented their greedy profit agenda. Giztop; Gizmochina’s store already has $499 for 64gb and $600 for 128gb. No thanks. That’s blatantly foul in any angle you see it.

        • _aLex5k8

          Well, yeah. For 499 base model, no thanks.
          I have to wait to Oneplus 5 and new flagships to release, for prices to drop.
          Or maybe it will drop because people are not accepting the loss of the jack port 😀 I hope!

        • balcobomber25

          Resellers have to make a profit, they can;t give phones away for free. It isn’t being ‘greedy’ it’s operating a business.

  • Макар

    Unfortunately, Xiaomi disappoints once again…(

    • kostas g.

      speak for yourself, they’ve never disappointed me

  • BetaMimetic

    OK so : main camera is only 1.25 micron pixel size

    LTE BANDS : B1 B3 B5 B7 B8 no B20

    Price is too high

  • I value compactness in phones. After the MIX I was expecting much smaller top and bottom bezels and a narrower phone with minimal side bezels but this one is not only taller than the Mi 5 it is also a bit wider. But the worst extra bulk is in the weight – 168 grams while the Mi 5 was only 129. I am disappointed in the design and now less tempted to buy it, despite the upgraded internals.

  • MaxPower

    R.I.P. Xiaomi


      why do u say that?avj camera or lack of audio jack or too heavy?

      • MaxPower

        Because they are still stuck at their MI3 concept of business.
        Since the MI3 they only swapped the new Snapdragon, not major improvement, kept the same price, and just changed the progressive number (MI4, MI5,MI6)

        They didn’t add features, they removed features like dual SIM, NFC in MI4 and audio jack on MI6.

        Meanwhile the market changed, the competitors are doing better and the sales have been going down every year since the boom of MI3.

        They lost an opportunity, this phone will do worse than MI5 which did worse than MI4 which did worse than MI3.

        • Francis

          Hi MaxPower, it is still a pleasure to read your comments. The same feeling goes for balcobomber25. I wanted you to know that I saved some money in order to buy myself a flagship phone and I was expecting from Xiaomi that they will finally release a MI6 with global LTE for overseas countries. The lack of BAND 20 4G LTE (800MHZ) support is a huge disappointment for me because that frequency is used in my country. That being said, the lack of B20 won’t change my life a lot but it might be useful in some places and in 2017 I was thinking that maybe Xiaomi would include that frequency in their new flagships but I was wrong. I do not understand why a Redmi Note 4 Global Edition has the Band 20 when the MI6 do not support it. When it comes to the lack of the 3.5mm jack, I am very disappointed because I like to listen music when I am in the train or travelling overseas. I really believe that it is a bad move from Xiaomi.

          I am stuck here, I think that I am going to buy the MI5S if its price decline a lot in coming days. I am also considering the Oneplus 3T which is a fantastic phone but still a bit expensive. I will consider the Oneplus 3T if I see a nice opportunity. I am not a huge fan of 5.5″ phones but I might also consider the Redmi Note 4X Global Edition which has a Sony or a Samsung camera based on your luck.

          • MaxPower

            Well, it all depends on how long you use your smartphone on a LTE connection.
            Some people spend most of the time on wifi, so a lack of LTE band wont affect their daily routine.
            If your experience can be crippled by the lack of that band then I would say to go for Oneplus.

            Both OP3T and MI5S are great devices praised all over the world.

            Soon i have to shop for a new smartphone for my wife and those two phones are the ones I’ve been looking for.

            She works from home, mostly on wifi, she can survive without LTE.
            She needs at least 64GB though, she uses way too many crappy apps that use a lot of storage.
            I’m probably going for the MI5S.
            I’m mostly on LTE and i dont care of storage so if i had to pick a phone for myself i would go for the 3T.

            Hope that help you trying to figure out which one would work best for you

          • Francis

            Thank you MaxPower for your message. I think that I am going to get the MI5S because it is cheaper compared to the Oneplus 3T which is around 400€ excluding shipping costs. I hope that the MI5S’s price will decline again in coming days so I could buy one at a price around 250€. I will live with the lack of band 20. The 4G 2600MHz will be more than enough for my needs. Like you said, we can also use the wifi if the 4G connection is not great. Take care! Peace

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      My dear, saying a phone will fail just because it doesnt have a headphone jack is very ignorant. please note that 95% of sales that smartphones make is from non teck ppl, these just care about good design and speedy os. thx for notice

      • MaxPower

        My dear,
        Not been able to read a two words sentence like “R.I.P Xiaomi” is ignorant.
        It is also ignorant to put words in people mouth and then respond accordingly.

        It is also extremely ignorant to come up with percentage values to back up your own opinion or perception of the world unless you want to provide any legit source where that 95% comes from.

        It is also ignorant to mention demographic studies and understand nothing about the values you read.

        Let’s pretend that your 95% is actually a real value, non tech people should care of a lack of 3,5″ Jack because they might not know that they can get an adapter or a USB headphones.

        Hope you had a good reading

        • balcobomber25

          Hello dear!

          To follow up on your headphone jack comment. I ran into a problem with my LeEco a few months back. I forgot the adapter and lost my headphones while traveling. I had 22 hours of flying and layovers ahead of me. 5 airports in 5 countries and not a single one had a USB-C adapter or USB-C headphones.

          • MaxPower

            That would have pissed me off too.

      • mudi1

        why Redmi Note 4 dont have manual camera control like shutter speed even redmi 1S had that.coz in low light it matter the most.

        xiaomi idea is simple –
        if you want manual camera then buy our stupid mi series phone that always got beaten by one plus.

        • Redmi Note 4 is a BUDGET priced phone. You can’t expect all kinds of bells and whistles at that price. Get real.

          • mudi1

            Completely agreed with you buddy and i am going very much real

            1. moto G3,moto G4,moto G5 all comes with full manual mode and moto is much much bigger brand name compare to xiaomi.

            2. Best example is Huawei Honor 5C , huawei is biggest brand in china and Honor 5C comes with full blown manual mode even with manual color temp in kelvin from 2700K to 7000K.

            3. Huawei Honor 6X is latest and greatest example it comes with full blown manual mode plus “Bulb Mode” with max shutter time of 30 seconds which only found in DSLRs and Honor 6X is just 15$ costly compare to Redmi Note 4 in india. (for 3+32 variant)
            i am taking india as example coz both phones are available in indian market so it will be fair game.

            and btw just for info mate, xiaomi flagship grade mi5 dont support camera 2 API means if you install third party camera app to get even more manual mode then bang !!!! you wont get even shutter speed in third party apps coz xiaomi implemented those on OEM level not on general basis so you will be stuck with stock camera app forever, and xiaomi never tells that and the moment you buy and check its over.

      • mudi1

        My dear, even a non tech person listen music when phone is on charging ……
        iphone 7 removed 3.5mm jack so xiaomi does so,, Galaxy S8 has both 3.5 mm and type-C, so we can listen music while charging
        stop copying apple and learn something from samsung.

        oh yes yes now i got it,,, xiaomi is going to launch new wireless headphones thats why they removed 3.5 mm jack.
        thats pathetic !!!!

    • balcobomber25

      I am kind of surprised they didn’t include global LTE after both the Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 did.

      • MaxPower

        Very silly indeed. I miss MIUI but I can’t go back to small battery and lack of LTE…
        I’ll be patiently wait for OnePlus

        • balcobomber25

          My issue with OnePlus is they have been terrible keeping their update promises. That;s what I miss about MIUI. I am currently using the Mix but it’s really not a practical phone for daily use, it’s a party trick you show off. I am thinking about getting the Mi Note 2 if I can find it for under $500.

          • A number of retailers have the 4/64 version for under $500 but the 6/128 version with international LTE Bands is a bit over $500 everywhere I have looked.

          • MaxPower

            good luck trying to find it for less than $500 🙂

          • balcobomber25

            I have actually seen it on a few sites for right around $500. I am waiting a few more months anyways just to see what OPO, ZTE, Alcatel etc. do in the US. The Axon 7 and Idol 4s were what I like to call 90% phones, they were very close to being phones I would use but the last 10% just wasn’t there for me.

          • MaxPower

            I’m waiting for the price drop as well. Need to replace my wife’s phone.

          • balcobomber25

            I don’t really need a new phone, but you know me haha.

            If Xiaomi would release a global edition of the Mi6, I would be very interested.

          • Francis

            Hi MaxPower, have you made your decision about the phone you will get for your wife? In my case, I am tempted by the MI5S which is cheaper but I started to read some feedbacks on MIUI forum or gsmarena where some owners are complaining about the phone and software updates. I know that there are many fake comments too. If you know some people who own the MI5S, what they really think about the device? Actually, the MI5S in Grey color is around 285€ (300€ with shipping costs) so I will wait for a few days more for the price to drop.
            I am like balcobomber25, if Xiaomi confirm a global version of the MI6 I might consider it too but I doubt that a global version is in the pipeline.
            Wish the ONEPLUS 3T was cheaper, it is an amazing phone. Peace!

          • MaxPower

            She owned a OnePlus 1 and MI4.
            The only complained I heard was short of storage on MI4 (16gb). The OPO was 64GB version.

            Her birthday is in July, so I have time to wait until prices go down and then I’ll decide.
            I’m leaning more into the OnePlus because I have a feeling she liked it the most.

          • Francis

            Hi Balco, Ibuygou is actually selling the global version of the Mi Note 2 at 518$.

  • Christo

    Going by current trend, this design is sooo 2016… Yawn

  • Charoen P

    Mi 5/5S still work great, this Mi 6 leave it for next year I have this philosophy for buying phone

  • mudi1

    I am also an engg and i can easily say “Camera isn’t impressive at all” –
    1. they used sony IMX386 image sensor, same sensor is inside Honor 6X ofcourse its capable in day light but in low light it simply fails. so to compensate that they used F1.8 lens.
    2.Zoom lens has F2.6 aperture with 1 micron unit cell size means in low light scenario zooming will result in bizarre quality. and dont just dont think of filming video in artificial light with 2X optical zoom for ex inside your home/office.

    i believe best solution could be IMX378 image sensor + Laser autofocus + F1.7 + OIS…. using this setup xiaomi can easily challenge Galaxy S8 in low light, and this setup will cost less than this iphone dual camera copy crap.

    so if someone want good low light camera performance especially in video mode than stay away of this crap.

    • mudi1

      and for those who want to know more-
      when we take photos then OIS slows the shutter for ex Google Pixel dont hv OIS so in low light it takes photos at 1/20 sec shutter speed means camera takes light for 1/20 second while iphone 7 has OIS so iphone 7 uses shutter speed of 1/4 second in low light means iphone 7 takes light for 1/4 second, in a nutshell iphone 7 gets 4X more light flux thus it produces better pics.
      But in video recording companies cant use this trick because video shoots at 30 fps and by rule of 180 , for 30 fps video we need to use shutter speed of 1/60 sec so in that case OIS cant help at all thats why low light video is the best way to compare 2 cameras.
      this is also the reason why we see too much noise in low light videos coz to make videos bright, ISO goes ridiculously high like ISO 3200.

  • Karoon

    Adreno 540
    25% faster render speed,
    45% more power consumption
    LOL, nice energy saving there, Xiaomi