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MIJIA’s Upcoming Product is a Third Party Smartband & Not Mi Band 3

by Jed John 1

Xiaomi is all set to launch its 78th crowdfunded product under the MIJIA platform and this new product will surprise you. It is a smartband which looks very much like the Mi Band 2 that some thought it was, perhaps, the Mi Band 3 when Xiaomi teased the product launch yesterday. But all is now clear as the MIJIA platform has explained that it is a third party product manufactured by smartwatch maker Weloop.

The upcoming smartband is teased to have a very long lasting battery which can last up to 30 days while running continuously without any interruption. That is a super powerful fire power which dwarfs the Mi Band 2 battery. At most, the Mi Band 2 can do 7 days with continuous use but 30 days? That is interesting.

A new twist has been added to the mix, with the emergence of a Xiaomi poster with the smartband bearing the name “Xiaomi teleport ring”. The ring is teased as being able to teleport someone from a disaster or unsafe zone to safety. Now, teleportation is a stuff of science fictions and just isn’t possible presently. This might just be some prank as what is likely coming is a smart fitness band that should perform like the Mi Band 2 and even better.

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  • lol, whut, yeah, let’s teleport, why don’t we?

    Weloop collab actually could be rather exciting. Of course there’s Pebble who sold their soul to the devil. I think it’s really unfair to go to crowdfunding with a certain idea that you want people to get excited about becoming a reality… and then instead of making said idea happen, you’re just using the crowdfunding as a way to get bought up by a big company and kill any plans you had. I mean, that’s just messed up. Anyways, my Time 2 watch got refunded at least, but it’s sad that it will never be a thing. Thing about Pebble was… it’s an e-ink/e-paper display, meaning it’s superbly readable in bright conditions as well as having awesome battery life. Weloop has been one of the very very few others with somewhat of a similar approach, but theirs was a little wonky, would be nice to see a polished version. Take off where the Pebble left things…