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World’s First Deca-Core Processor, MTK Helio X20 Has A Lot Of Inventory Backlog: Report

by Jed John 8

Taiwanese mobile chipset manufacturer MediaTek has always aimed to make an impact on the high-end smartphone market but they have always fallen behind Qualcomm in the pecking order. The Helio X20 is the company’s high-end chipset which has attracted a fairly decent patronage from smartphone makers ranging from flagships to mid-range models.

helio x20

However, a recent report on Taiwan’s Economic Daily has revealed that MediaTek has quite a large cache of Helio X20 inventory which is due to the fact that patronage for the chip isn’t enough to clear up the inventory. The MediaTek Helio X20 is the world’s first deca-core processor and is built on a 20nm process. The report also disclosed that the Helio X20 comes with a unit cost of $20 which isn’t too much compared to other high-end chipsets. But overall demand for the X20 is said to have slowed down resulting in the build up.

Snapdragon 660

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The recent release of the mid-range Snapdragon 660 and 630 which are touted to post strong performances, both built on more efficient 14nm process will not in anyway help the plight of MediaTek and the Helo X20. MediaTek may resort to further drop the unit price of the X20 in order to attract manufacturers even though the problem seems to sterm from the public perception that Qualcomm chips are better. This notion isn’t entirely correct but MediaTek has a lot of PR to do in order to change that perception.


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  • Simion Florin

    The X20 is power hungry, nobody wants a chip like that, 20nm is old now, considering that we have the second generation of 14nm FinFet + on midrange chips, and i presume by the end of next year we will have midrange chips built on 10nm. Mediatek needs entry-midrange chips built on 14nm finfet + and they need them now, fast if they dont want Qualcomm to take more of their share. An Mtk Helio p10 built of 14nm would be great for them, if they can afford the costs.

    • Assefa Hanson

      The mass majority doesn’t give a crap or even know what 20nm is, I keep on saying this we enthusiasts that knows the details are very small and unprofitable what people in general care about is brand image /perception mtk needs to work on. Marketing and make More big oems take the chip oppo has been selling weak soc phones on Android lollipop like crazy for Example

      As for power hungry we are talking high end here High END no body gives a shit about battery life/efficiency in high end phones they want them slim looking cool And a 3000mah battery or less so they can charge Their phones multiple times a day example the iPhone and s8

      • balcobomber25

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

          Yup, I’ve had a funny sorry with a friend of mine who didn’t know if his brand new shiny S7 Edge has a file manager. That’s hilarious! Most people buy a flagships just to represent their standard of living or just to match their friends as you said. They buy a flagship, but only use Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube on it. Browsing social medias can be achieved by a $70 MTK phone as well, but the common dude just want to match the neighbor who just bought an S8.

      • Dave

        One thing common consumer know for sure is that they can differentiate between power hungry phones and power efficient phones, let say phones with same brand image, same price range, and same battery capacity, the first one used MediaTek 20nm, the second one used Qualcomm 14nm.
        It will be always the first one that drain the battery more faster than the second one.
        Then consumers will go after the second one and spread the news to others about the second phone performance.
        That’s how significance it is.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    feel sorry for MTK … time to scrap that shit pile and MOVE ON !

    onwards to the X40 design !

  • Zero

    Errr.. The 630 is considered as a massive letdown due the nerfs received…. Seems that this chip is the SD 616 of this year.

    The problem comes with the SD 660… If cost 30 dollars, Mediatek is done….

    Unless they stops to sell the X10 and P10 and sells only the X20 as the lowest mid range at 12 dollars…

  • G’n’T

    They need to fix their GPU issues. Time and again in tests, mtk falls behind competition in gaming. f they were to combine better GPUs, it would at least improve their reputation..