K88H Review – Stainless Steel Smartwatch for just 39.99$ [COUPON INSIDE]

by Linus 2

There are quite a few budget smartwatch offerings out there and we just came across the K88H model that has quite a few features for the price of just about $41. Learn more in our full review. You will also find a coupon code at the end of the article.


The watch ships with the magnetic USB charger and some paperwork.


When it comes to the design, the watch is surprisingly well-made considering its low price.

In fact, the watch is made almost entirely of metal and it uses a stainless-steel band, which makes the watch look more expensive than it is.

As far as comfort, the watch is pretty comfortable to wear on the daily basis, which does not happen with all cheap watches.

The watch can work independently or connected to your phone via the Bluetooth.

As for the display, it is not the sharpest out there but it is readable both indoors and outdoors.

You can select from a few watch faces or you can download a few more using the app. However, the watch has only 128MB of internal memory, so you can really download much stuff.


You can navigate through the menus using the touchscreen or the side button. The watch runs on the custom-made UI, which has quite a few features and settings to play with. Just to name a few, you can use the watch as a dialer or read SMS messages, control your phone’s camera, receive notifications from Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Both pedometer and heart rate monitor sensors are pretty accurate as I compared the results with the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

The watch has all other standard features as a sedentary reminder, alarm clock etc. There is also a Siri integration that works with the iOS devices. One of the cool features that work great is the lift to wake. It is really convenient in practice.


You can also sync your fitness data with the FundoWear app, which is also used for other cheap China smartwatches. Within the app, you can check your steps counter, sleep and heart rate patterns, adjust a few settings and so on.


As for battery life, I could get just 2 days out of this watch, which is just an average result.


The K88H is a really capable cheap smartwatch as it has been working fine so far. It costs just $41 but you are getting quite a lot of features that are packed into a nicely-designed metal body. You can now get the smartwatch for just 39.99$ using a coupon code K88H1 at the checkout.