OPPO & Huawei Came Together For This Clone & We Can Call It The Ugly OPPO P9

by Joel 5

China is full of interesting smartphones and we have got some of the finest flagships in the market from this country. However, there’s another side to the Chinese market, which is also quite popular internationally, and it’s the Chinese smartphone clone market. While big brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO are set to create its own identity with special specs and features distinguishing its phones from international brands, there are some phones which imitate these big brands.

OPPO P9 Clone 01

OPPO is huge in China at the moment and the company seems to be doing very well in the market. So, there’s no surprise that China has a number of OPPO clones. One of the recent clones we managed to spot is actually quite unique. If you loved Huawei P9’s design but are desperate to get OPPO’s branding on the back, here’s something for you.

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OPPO P9 Clone 02

This is what an OPPO branded Huawei P9 would look like, and we may even call it the OPPO P9. And guess what! There’s the Leica certification at the back as well. So, if Huawei and OPPO had an ugly baby, it would probably look like this. I mean, the build quality sucks for sure, look at the cracks on the back. Plus, the top band looks like a sticker, where we can see the dual cameras. Needless to say, the built quality is less than impressive. But you do get 4G+ VoLTE, or so it says!

OPPO P9 clone

No ideas about the pricing of the device though, but it surely will be super cheap. We have seen many clones that actually have pretty good built quality (unlike this one) and it’s very easy to mistake a clone for the real one. So, if you are ever in China looking for a smartphone, make sure to check the product before purchase and stick to the popular stores in the area.


(Image Source: Weibo)