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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Launched With A Massive 5300mAh Battery, Processor Disappoints

by Joe 28

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 was announced at an official event in China a few minutes back. This is an important smartphone for the company as it’s only the second large screen phablet from the company in recent years and considering the popularity of the original Xiaomi Mi Max, the new generation Mi Max 2 has some pretty large shoes to fill.


Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Design

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Hero

Design wise, the Mi Max 2 does not incorporate any significant changes than its predecessor. What’s changed at the back are the antenna band design on the top as well as the bottom. They are now tucked towards the top and bottom edges, thereby creating a seamless back design. The fingerprint sensor is still on the back. The design looks a bit curvier than before, but we can confirm this only after we get our hands on the phablet.

Coming to the front of the phone, everything is almost the same as before. However, Xiaomi adds that the black borders around the screen (which we all hate) are now thinner than the first generation model.

Mi MAx 2 black bezels narrower

The company seems to have reduced the thickness of the black borders quite significantly, now measuring just 0.7mm, which is great!

As for the dual LED flash position, it’s now located on the left side of the camera sensor instead of the right. One more thing, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack on top, so you don’t have to worry about getting Type-C headphones, at least not for this phone.



Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Specs

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 comes with the Snapdragon 625 chipset inside with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. There’s a 4GB + 128GB model as well. Now, to be honest, it’s disappointing to see SD625 inside the phablet. We were expecting much a better chipset inside, something like the SD660.

Mi Max 2 Promo Image

The Mi Max 2 comes with the same 12MP IMX386 sensor as the Xiaomi Mi 6. The pixel size has been increased to 1.25um for better quality pictures along with a night mode enhancement feature. Other camera specs include PDAF, dual tone LED flash, and dynamic range adjustment.


Coming to the battery, Xiaomi has made the Mi Max 2 an even better battery monster. The new generation model now comes with a much larger 5300mAh battery inside that promises up to 18 hours of video playback. You can get up to 9 hours of continuous gaming or 21 hour continuous navigation or 57 hour continuous talktime or even 10 day continuous music playback with this huge battery on board. Further, charging it won’t be an issue since the phone supports QC 3.0 and charges up to 68% in an hour.

Mi Max 2 5300 battery

You get stereo speakers inside, an upgrade from the single speaker on the Mi Max.

Here’s a basic Mi Max 2 Specs summary:

Mi Max 2 specs summary



Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Software

Xiaomi has revealed that it has tweaked MIUI to improve user experience on the Xiaomi Mi Mi Max 2. The phone comes with a floating ball which can be used to open your most frequently used apps. Then there are other features such as one hand mode and others features which will help in the day to day use of the 6.44-inch display phablet.

No word on the Android version yet, but expect at least Android 7.1 with MIUI 8.2.

Mi MAx 2 Floating Ball MIUI


Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Price & Availability

Mi Max 2 price

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is priced at 1699 Yuan (~$248) for the 4GB + 64GB version and 1999 yuan (~$291) for the 4GB + 128GB version. It will go on sale on June 1 via online as well as offline stores.




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  • Qidamin

    They have reduced the black borders around the screen but at the same time they have increased the bezels size. No improvement in screen to body ratio! Seems that SD card support is out now. Processor seems like a downgrade too…

    • Michał Kubiak

      Yes, they went full budget phone on this one. Nothing is better here except battery and then only slightly (<10%). And here I was hoping for a SD660 and AMOLED – poor stupid me…

      • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

        SD660, SAMOLED, 4GB+ RAM, =>5.5″, 5000+mah, sd slot=The perfect phone.

        • Michał Kubiak

          Yes, except that would be >6.4inch We are talking about Mi Max here after all 🙂

          • Prince tom

            Yea, am done with 5.5 inch, after using mi max for a short while, the 5.5 inch felt too small in my hands. And now mi max 2 disappointed, gonna stuck with this mi max for a while unless i get another at least 6.3 inch (if leeco manage to put in big battery) or am just gonna stick with mi max. Mi Max 2, a failure

  • Michał Kubiak

    Won’t be buying that one. Without SD660 it’s a no-go for me. I really hope there will be a better version in the future or else I will be looking for other company to supply my phones.

    • Fahim Foysal

      Same here man. I am a big xiaomi fan but this was so disappointing. First they didnt release the mi6 plus. Now they ruined the max 2 with the under powered specs. Was really looking forward to buying the max 2. Not anymore I guess

      • Michał Kubiak

        Last hope is they actually will release Mi6 Plus along with Mi Max Pro or something later on. I suppose I could try Mi Mix 2 when it comes provided the AMOLED is there and the proce is acceptable. But I won’t pay 700$ for a phone (unless it has all my requirements meet).

        • Fahim Foysal

          A mi 6 plus would be awesome but I am confident that there isnt going to be such a phone. Its already mid 2017 and they dont have a single phablet with decent specs. Disappointing.

          • Michał Kubiak

            Yes, it’s such a disappointment this year. I’m even considering buying Honor Note 8 – similar specs to Mi Max but Kirin 955, QHD AMOLED display but smaller battery. Only thing stopping me is no OpenSource support for that phone. You see how desperate I am 😉

          • Fahim Foysal

            I know the pain man. I am in the exact same boat. Manufacturers fail to realize that the large phablets can actually utilize the power of a powerful soc. Putting sd 835 on 5 inch phone is pathetic. I am also desperate to find a decent phone but most of the large phones have terrible performance. I am more of a snapdragon guy. Huawei isnt going to cut it out for me.

          • Michał Kubiak

            Well, Kirin 950/955 are acceptable. Anandtech did an in-depth comparison to SD820/821 variety and they were good enough for me. Kirin 960 was a bust, unless you seriously underclocked the GPU part at the cost of performance (or else it would gobble power and heat up like a volcano) it had like 1/3 of performance per watt of SD820. CPU part was snappy and power efficient, go figure.
            Anyway Huawei is a hard choice for me due to no OpenSource system ports for it – I want my LAOS/AOSP port including latest security fixes and I’m not going to find that on Huawei. It’s a shame really, they have a nice hardware base and break it with lackluster updates and strange memory optimizations that require root to disable.

          • Fahim Foysal

            as far as i know kirin 950/955 are strong cpus but they are accompanied by weak gpus. I know this is weird but i hate the lack capacitive buttons on huawei phones. I honestly feel like starting a kickstarter project to build the phone of my dreams. 6 inch display with capacitive buttons and imx 377 sensor and a SD 835 at $400

          • Michał Kubiak

            You know, my dream phone would be Mi Mix with capacitive buttons, AMOLED screen instead of Sharp IGZO, 6.8-7 inch in size and maybe QHD resolution, without selfie camera, with NFC, SD660 (because I don’t really play games), really big battery like 7-8K mAh because I don’t care if my phone is 2mm thicker, dual back camera setup with color and b/w sensors for better night photos (I don’t care for all those stupid depth of field effects), video recording [email protected] and [email protected] (shame that SD660 does not support such to my knowledge), fingerprint scanner on both front and back for all those cases that the phone is laying on the table OR in my pocket, dual Active sim for making calls on one sim while using internet on the other.
            Oh, and I would love a simple plastic back without any painting as it is the most durable and even scratches do not leave visible clues.
            If someone were to make such a phone I actually would pay for it like up to 750$ because it would stay with me for at least few years. OpenSource system compatibility (LAOS preferably) would be a must.

  • Fahim Foysal

    The SOC is extremely disappointing. A SD 625 doesn’t make sense to be put inside such a large device. It’s a no go for me.

  • udeh Steve

    Very disappointed with the sd625 on board, this is more of a downgrade than an upgrade. Now i know why xiaomi discontinued production of the original mi max, people will surely buy the original max instead of this max 2

  • androwin

    They did that on purpose, if they put SD660 in a mid-range device then their flagship won’t sell well not to mention Mi6 is not doing well from the beginning.

    In my opinion, Mi Note 2 was THEIR LAST best device (in Xiaomi’s range of devices) which packed every feature possible a global version 3.5mm headphone jack IR blaster fastest last gen cpu etcetera.

    • Fahim Foysal

      They should have at least released a plus sized mi 6. Xiaomi doesnt have a single phablet with decent specs.

  • Fábio

    $248 for SD 625 phone? No way for me

  • Zero

    Screw Xiaomi! SD 625???? I can accept it on a Redmi Max, but NOT on a Mi Max which is supposed to be the Mid High Ranger of the list…

    So, this is another Mi4i on the way…

  • Guaire

    Another Redmi disguised as a Mi minus a bit nicer design than other Redmis. Not to mention iPhone-esque design of the back and iPhone worthy giant bezels.

    Although it has same sensor with Mi6, it lacks larger aperture and OIS. F/2.2 vs f/1.8 aperture means much less light. Moreover it doesn’t have OIS so longer exposures is not possible. Still images gonna be noisy. In addition to OIS it also doesn’t have EIS which means videos gonna be shaky.

    Maximum brightness of the display is just 450nits which is below flagship grade especially for LCD displays.

    • willysson

      And don’t forget this was supposed to be the IMX378, same as in Mi5s. I waited. In vain.

  • balcobomber25

    Having the used SD625 for a few weeks now it is an incredible processor. It handles everything I throw at it, is just as powerful as the SD650 and is one of the most efficient chips I ever used.

    • Assefa Hanson

      Doesn’t make sense you speak the facts people only think 8xx snapdragon chipsets is worthy of any value

      • balcobomber25

        I would go out on a limb and say 99% of people don’t actually need a SD8XX chip, most can use a SD6XX and some can even use a SD4XX and never have a single problem.

        • Assefa Hanson

          Then people would would have to get over this status signaling habit, they will continue to buy 8xx smartphones just to browse the internet or use Instagram lol

          • balcobomber25

            Don’t forget Pokemon GO and Candy Crush!!

            It’s funny because if you look at the most downloaded Android games of any given year, they are the Clash of Clan type. Games that can be played on max settings with a SD2XX Chip lol.

  • The SD625 is a very good SOC. Can’t complain about it when it’s not meant to be a high end phone.