New Xiaomi Phone With 6GB of RAM and 4000mAh Battery Launching on July 11, Mi 6 Plus?

by Habeeb Onawole 5

The first part of the year was exciting for Xiaomi. First, they announced a ceramic white version of the Mi MIX at CES 2017, then they launched the Redmi Note 4X, the Redmi 4X and threw in more variants of both devices. The highlight was the launch of the Mi 6, the first flagship of the year. We should also not forget the Mi Max 2.

To begin the second half, Xiaomi has a new device set for launch on Monday, 11th of July and we are really excited about it. The official Weibo account for Xiaomi’s Store had released a new poster teasing the device by releasing a key detail. That key spec is the RAM which is a massive 6GB.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus 6GB RAM

Now, this isn’t Xiaomi’s first phone with 6GB of RAM. The Mi 5s Plus, Mi Note 2, Mi MIX and Mi 6 all come with that amount of RAM. However, we are still excited because Xiaomi is advertising it as a big deal for this mysterious device.

Following the teaser poster, the account also released a very short video releasing more key specs and that is where things get more interesting.

The video reveals the processor belongs to the Snapdragon 800 series, storage is UFS and RAM is DDR4. It also says the phone has a 3D glass body and the display is large. Next bit of info is the battery which comes in at 4000mAh and the camera which is 22MP, can record 4K and has a smart beauty mode.

The video doesn’t end there but also mentions full 4G netcom, a USB Type-C port with support for Quick Charge, an IR blaster, and NFC.

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All these specs point at a flagship phone and we want to believe this is the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus. The video already mentioned a bigger screen and bigger Battery. Plus it also says it will have a 3D glass body, a key feature of the Mi 6.