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Kirin 980 Rumors: 7nm Process, Custom GPU, To Feature on Huawei P20 Not P11

by Jed John 11

Huawei just announced the Kirin 970 flagship processor and it is yet to even feature in a smartphone but rumors of a Kirin 980 processor has already started. No doubt, the Kirin 970 will likely be succeeded by the Kirin 980 but that wouldn’t happen until around this same time next year. kirin 980

Nevertheless, a few details of the next-gen chip has surfaced on Weibo. The most spectacular is that the Kirin 980 will be built on a 7nm manufacturing process. and would have the Cortex-A75 architecture. The chip will be manufactured by TSMC and the release time will be based on TSMC’s ability to mass produce the chip on time.  Also, the next-gen chip is tipped to come with some improvements in the GPU which is that it may feature Huawei’s self-researched GPU. The Kirin 980 will also likely come with artificial intelligence as well.kirin 970

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Also, the Kirin 980 is rumoured to be used first on the Huawei P20, surprised? Sure, we have the P10 presently but instead of heading to P11, Huawei is rumoured to use P20 as the name of its next P-series flagship phone. Huawei is said to have registered a trademark for the name long ago. If this is anything to go by, it means we may likely see the Kirin 980 earlier than usual because the next P-series smartphone will likely be launched early next year, perhaps in the second quarter. However, it is still too early to conclude on this when there are loads of leaks on the way ahead before the chip is announced.


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  • Zero

    Finally is Power VR time?

  • Tommi

    Huawei is now taking seriously, MTK should also surprise everyone next year!

  • Goran

    Too much noise… we’ll see if it’s overhyping in few months. Hope SAR value will decrease from monstrously high SAR on mate 9.

    • balcobomber25

      According to multiple studies done over the past few years, SAR ratings themselves are unreliable and lower SAR ratings are actually worse for your body than higher ratings.

      Almost all of the studies that have been conducted agree on one thing, unless you hold your phone to your head for 24 hours a day everyday, there is little to worry about with regards to radiation. There are products in your life that are of a much bigger concern.

      • Goran

        I really doubt lower SAR can be more dangerous…I agree that actual effect of SAR is questionable but I would appreciate my phone to have lower values. Mate 9 was one of the phones with the highest ever SAR and I don’t see at as advantage at all.

        • balcobomber25

          “By and large, more SAR means there is more energy around. Higher SAR is probably correlated with higher damage but it is not a measure of the damage and it may be not correlated at all with the damage.” – Dr. Blank, Columbia University

          “SAR value is very good as long as we are talking about heating effect, like effects from the microwave oven. In the low dose, in the low intensity range we are dealing with biological effects which are clearly not linear to the SAR value, they are not linear to the energy transmitted and measured and communicated by the SAR value. So for the low intensity experiments, or the so called ‘athermal’ effects, we are very suspicious whether the SAR value is valid at all.” Dr. Mosgoeller, Univeristy of Vienna

          ““I have long thought that peak SAR was a rather misleading ‘red herring”. Some of the lowest peak-SAR phones actually have a higher total SAR into brain tissue than the much higher peak-SAR handsets – it is just spread out a lot more through the brain tissue. Generally low SAR phones are less efficient at getting their signals out to the base station and so regularly work at a much higher transmit power to compensate. Peak-SAR (the thing used for SAR rating) is just the highest value recorded for any 1 g of brain tissue (USA) and 10 g (Europe). It does not represent in any way the total SAR into the user’s brain.” – Powerwatch

          • Goran

            Well, “some of the phones with lowest SAR”…are worse than some with high…I guess one who pays more won’t be on that list:) nonsense.

          • balcobomber25

            The only nonsense is buying phones based on an unreliable measure that the scientific community agrees is meaningless. It’s like buying a phone based on an Antutu score.

  • Major Sceptic

    It’s a good time to be contemplating a new smart device in 2017 , so many cool devices ,
    and now with the different brands trying to get an edge in the market the power race is on .

  • Zami

    The specs of Kirin 980 can be true after all . But using it in P20 is just hilarious.

  • balcobomber25

    Huawei has almost always used their flagship SoC in their true flagship the Mate series. That’s not to say the P11 (or P20) won’t get it as well but I would bet money that the Mate 11 has it first.