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What Happens when Xiaomi Mi 6 & iPhone X Meet? iMI X is Born!

by Jed John 5

It is no longer in doubt that Xiaomi’s smartphone design is usually attractive and has courted lots of attention to the company. The Mi brand’s followership transcends China, extending right through to Europe and even the Americas. Another known fact is that Xiaomi is known as the Apple of China and that isn’t just because of their innovativeness. Xiaomi’s MIUI interface is almost a replica of Apple’s iOS. This perhaps makes it easy for iPhone fans to switch to using Android and still get the feel of the iOS. If you are an Apple fan and just isn’t satisfied with that, you can now have a blend of the iPhone and Xiaomi phone in one phone. A smartphone known as iMI X has now been launched in Thailand with a blend of the iPhone design as well as Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 6. iMI X

The iMI X has a logo similar to Xiaomi’s MI logo but with an “i” prefix which has the colouration of Apple’s iPhones. The device was unveiled at the Thailand Mobile Expo 2017 held recently. In terms of the design, it features a full-screen design with an 18:9 aspect ratio and is said to come with a facial scanner just like Apple’s iPhone X. The full-screen design is also reminiscent of the iPhone X with the presence of reduced bezels on all four sides. It also comes with a glass body just like the Mi 6.iMI X

The device is said to pack a 5.7-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. No word on the processor which fires the device but we don’t expect that to be a flagship SoC.  The device comes with a 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM version which has a 13MP main sensor at the rear and an 8MP front camera. The 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera support both the face ID scan and there is even iris scanner. The iMI X also comes in a 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM version with a 16MP main sensor at the rear and a 13MP selfie camera. It must be noted that the rear camera setup is a dual camera combo.iMI X

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As for the prices, the iMI X with 3GB RAM is priced at 4,990 Thai Baht (~$150)while the 4GB RAM version goes up for 5,990 THB (~$180). The device equally comes with a Wisdom Limited edition as well as a Vin 3X edition with slightly different specs. All versions run iMI UI based on Android 7.0.1 Nougat.


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  • Shriram


  • balcobomber25

    I am gonna have to pick one up next month when I’m back in Thailand! I’ve always had a special affinity for bad clone phones.

  • Zero

    A knockoff like “Huami” (Huawei + Xiaomi)

  • SK Ho Su Kien

    is this phone from China Xiaomi?

  • Marcus Johansson (Mackie)

    Looks nice, of all the phones since my first Ericsson nmt 900 in the early 90is my passion has landed with Xiaomi. Now my mi5s the display had began to get loose so how cheap this phone is out would be fun to test it, any web shops that maybe gonna sell it? 🙏 I have an fobia a little on having to alike phones like others in sweden and here people pretty much buys the most expensive and think it will give em status, while poor people like me is all about getting what fits me the most and have roof over my head and food and medecin 😊 Btw anyone knows specs like type of screen, chipset and 3.5mm headphone outlet? Otherwise i hope My mi5s Will work of i glue the bottom part of the screen it’s sitting like our should on the 30%top part of the phone but it’s complete loose where the home button is but everything is working like it should love my phone and i dont want to exchange really until mi7 comes+i have to save money. Anyone knows how to fit the screen back otherwise ideas? Going on an won trip work the wife to Turkey in 11 days and don’t want to be without the phone if it breaks 🤔 “Sorry for bad English sucky writing and long text have autism spectrum disorders plus other things but the adhd and spectrum plus most likely pretime dementia (32yearsold only) that i got from stod electric shock therapy 2007 make my writing really awful” anyways if picture of my phone would help in tips with my screen i could upload to imgur or something. Any good tip i would reward in a app or game from play store or something like it 🙂 will check in this tread later. Have an awesome day l8ve this site btw! 😘