OnePlus is Not Interested in Providing Black Friday Discounts, Find Out Why

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Black Friday, the most awaited shopping festival of the year in the U.S is only a day away. Many retailers and popular tech brands have revealed their Black Friday deals. However, OnePlus’ website states that the company will not be participating in Black Friday sales.

The Chinese firm claims that it always offering its devices with fair pricing throughout the year. So, whether it is Black Friday or Taco Tuesday or any day of the year, its products are always available with reasonable pricing. It has further stated that its customers are always saving money by purchasing its smartphones as it offers topnotch internals and user experience like rivaling phones.

OnePlus Black Friday 2017

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Just for the sake of providing an offer, OnePlus is selling the Dash Power Bundle with 50 percent reduction in its pricing for 24 hours. The Dash Power Adapter along with 100cm Dash Type-C cable is available for $17.56. The usual pricing of this bundle is $34.90. With 150cm Dash Type-C cable, the bundle can be availed for $20.08 against its original price tag of $39.90.

What about the OnePlus 5T? The company is selling it with almost the price tag as it is offering a negligible discount of $0.01 for 24 hours. Hence, the official carries the text “#NoGames on Black Friday.”