Samsung’s Latest Patent Is A Technology Which Identifies Users Using Their Blood Flow Patterns

by Jed John 0

Samsung has got lots of patents and keeps filing more by the day. One of the tech giant’s patents have been spotted online and just like several others we had seen in the past, it shows what the innovative company may include in its upcoming smartphones. The patent application was originally filed in the U.S patent office in July 2016 and is titled; “Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters”Samsung Patent

The patent describes a method to identify users by means of blood flow patterns in the finger or wrist. It is therefore yet another way in which Samsung hopes to authenticate users in a safe, and reliable way in the future. Apart from the facial recognition technology and the fingerprint, users may in the future be able to unlock their phone using their heartbeats. The technology relies on the principle arterial conduction paths of different users are almost never identical. Thus a smartwatch or phone using the technology could identify it’s owner based on his or her blood flow pattern and thus unlock the device.

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The technology is applicable on smartphones and wearables, and even on laptops. So apart from passwords and pin codes, phone users may soon be able to unlock their device using either iris scanner, fingerprint sensor, and Face ID. We don’t think there is a strong assurance this can’t be hacked. Another thing, it is unlikely that this technology will find its way into Samsung phones anytime soon.