Xiaomi’s Smartmi Launches Heater, Humidifier, and Car Inverter

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Smartmi is best known as the manufacturer behind Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier line as well as the more recent Air Conditioner. Today, the company unveiled three new products – the Smartmi Heater, Smartmi Humidifier, and the Smartmi Car Inverter.

Smartmi Heater

Smartmi Heater and Humidifier

The heater and humidifier are sort of like the last two pieces of the puzzle. Since the brand already has an air purifier and air conditioner, it only makes sense that a heater and humidifier should follow.

Smartmi Humidifier

The heater will go on sale on February 7 at 10:00 AM for ¥269 (~$43). Registrations for the humidifier which has a 4L water capacity and is priced at ¥499 (~$79) begins on the same day while sale will commence on February 11.

Smartmi Car Inverter

Smartmi Car Inverter

The Smartmi Car Inverter is for those who are usually on the go most times and need to charge their AC-powered devices. The inverter converts your car’s 12V power into 220V for charging your gadgets. It has two power outlets and a USB output port on one end and a cigarette lighter plug at the other end.

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It has a ¥229 (~$36) price tag will go on sale on February 9 at exactly 10:00 AM. All three products will be sold on JD.com.



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