Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Not Be The Name Of Any 2019 Samsung Flagship

by Michele Ingelido 0

Samsung is releasing its main flagship under the S-series since 2010, the epic year in which the Galaxy S was officially unveiled. At the end of this month, on February 25, the Korean giant will officially announce the 9th generation: Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, which should later be followed by the S9 Active. But according to a report from Korea, the S9 may be the last flagship from the S-series and there will not be a Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ Front Render

The Korean company is rumored to adopt a new naming scheme for its flagships. To be accurate, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series is expected to be renamed to Samsung Galaxy X. It would be a perfect answer to the Apple iPhone X, and this is likely to avoid long names such as Galaxy S11 and S12 for its next flagships, which might not be the best names for a high-end device.

Until now, Samsung Galaxy X was rumored to be the first phone with a foldable display by the company, but we doubt that the Korean giant is planning to replace Samsung Galaxy S10 with such a phone.

Do you think Galaxy S11 or S10 is a good name for a flagship?


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