Live Photo Focuses On Screen-To-Body Ratio Of The Meizu 15 Plus

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Meizu 15 Plus has leaked in a new live photo and we are super impressed with the screen-to-body ratio. Meizu’s upcoming flagship is a special 15th anniversary phone. It is also expected to come in Lite and Plus variants.

Meizu 15 Plus Live photo

The new live photo shows only the front of the device which is pretty much the exciting part. Meizu has shaved off  a large chunk of the bezel at the top but has left enough to house the earpiece, front camera, and sensor.

The bottom bezel is practically non-existent though. That means no mBack button and no front-mounted fingerprint scanner. There is a virtual holo button which should work as a virtual mBack button just like in the Meizu M6s.

Meizu 15 Plus
Top and bottom bezel comparison

While we are super impressed about the display, we hope Meizu has tuned the software well enough such that accidental palm touches do not confuse intentional taps.

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There are still a lot we do not know yet about the Meizu 15 Plus such as its processor, camera configuration, and battery capacity. There are rumors Meizu may put the Snapdragon 835 in it while some say it may be an Exynos chip.