iOS 11.2.6 Update Fixes The Indian Character Bug On iPhones And iPads

by Michele Ingelido 0

One of the most dangerous bugs related to iOS devices and Apple PCs has been discovered recently. A simple Indian character forced iPhones to crash: this symbol from the Telugu language, if sent on a messaging application or via e-mail, is able to crash iPhones and iPads. In the worst cases, the character caused the devices’ to boot loop.

To recover their iPhones in bootloop, the users had to reset them in DFU mode via PC, by using iTunes. The reset caused the loss of all the data contained in the devices. But thanks to a new iOS update which has been rolled out by Apple, the issue is finally fixed. The new update brings the number of version to 11.2.6 and its size is 163.2 MB. It is just a minor update released to fix some bugs, so do not expect new features. But it is highly recommended to install it, because if someone sends you the specific Indian language character, you may see your device go in bootloop and you will not be able to do anything to avoid it.

According to the official changelog by Apple, the update to iOS 11.2.6 fixes an issue where using certain character sequences could cause apps to crash. It clearly refers to the Indian character bug, and it has also been confirmed on Twitter by users who have just installed the new update. There is just another detail in the changelog which says that the update fixes an issue where some third-party apps could fail to connect to external accessories.