Upcoming Nubia Devices Will Have Stock Android With Project Treble: Goodbye Nubia UI

by Michele Ingelido 0

When it comes to the Android market, manufacturers have different opinions about the software side of their handsets. Some companies prefer to implement a custom UI with additional features in order to distinguish themselves from the competition and provide a richer user experience. Other brands prefer to launch their devices with stock Android for better performance, a bloatware-free user experience, and faster updates. The ZTE sub-brand Nubia has always implemented a custom UI on its devices, but starting from 2018 it will ditch the Nubia UI and release devices with stock Android.


According to the company, the decision made sense because it provided faster updates of the operating system.Upcoming Nubia phones will also have the support for Project Treble by Google, which indeed means quick updates.This decision will interest the Global versions of the upcoming Nubia devices, as the Chinese versions should still be shipped with a custom UI, without Google apps and services.

It has also been confirmed that future Nubia devices will come with Android Oreo out of the box.

Which is your favourite firmware based on Android? Stock Android with better performances and faster updates or custom UI with many additional features and apps?