Check Out 2018 GearBest Spring Markdown Sale

by Vinay Patel 0

As part of its 2018 Spring Markdown Sale, GearBest is rolling out massive discounts on multiple items and giving awesome add-ons starting from only $0.99. Let’s check out the details.

Limited Stock FLASH SALE

This category comprises all sorts of items ranging from a Digo B0909T circular alarm clock to Sunvell R69 TV Box that you can buy without worrying about spending a lot of money. For instance, you can buy the ALLDOCUBE iPlay 8 Tablet PC for just $70.99.
GearBest is giving a 20% off on the tablet’s $88.65 selling price and the promo will be valid for 2 more days. It’s worth noting that there were only 90 pieces left at the time of writing.


If your order exceeds $60, you’d be eligible to get 1 add-on for only $0.99. Likewise, if you make an order above $100, you can get 1 add-on for just $3.99.

Just to give an example, you can get 1 add-one item along with String Light for Patio Micro 50 LEDs 5M, which is currently up for grabs for a lowered price of $1.44. You can buy String Lights 50 White Light LEDs along with it and save $0.77.

Mobile Phones

It’s no secret that buyers love a discount, especially when it is on top-notch mobile phones. Bearing that in mind, GearBest is offering considerable discounts on the selling price of the select smartphones.

There’s a 12% off on Umidigi S2 4G phablet. As a result, you can now get your hands on the S2 by shelling out just $219.99.

Similarly, the site is giving a big 37% discount on the $318.09 asking price of Meiigoo M1 4G phablet. You can now buy the device for only $199.99, thanks to the discount which is slated to expire in 5 days. Moreover, there were only 38 pieces left.

Festive Phones & Tablets

Gadget buffs, rejoice. This category features heavily-discounted tablets and phones that normally sell for a steep price. Among other devices, the Acer VX5 – 591G – 58AX gaming laptop, which priced at $1011.72, is currently available for just $989.99 on GearBest.

Alternatively, you can go for Microsoft Surface laptop, which carries a Flash Sale price of just $999.99 on GearBest. This is a 25% reduction in the device’s real selling price of $1331.46.

The discount is valid for the gray color version of the laptop. The promo will wrap up in 5 days and there were just 8 pieces left at the time of writing.

Winter’s Top Electronics

This section features all sorts of electronic items that you can buy at a discounted price. For instance, the SMZ658 HiFi earphones which sell for $1.81 on GearBest are available for just $1.41 on the site. This is a 22% reduction in the item’s initial selling price.
The aforesaid category also features Zeblaze Arch Heart Rate smart band which bears a price sticker of $25.87 on GearBest. However, the site is giving 34% off on the smart band, which brings its original price down to only $16.99.

Computers & Networking

You can get 19% off on Original Xiaomi Mi TV 4A’s sale price of $558.04, in this category. With this discount, you can buy the Mi TV 4A for only $449.99.

Apart from that, you can also save a considerable amount of money on H96 – P DLP Mini projector, which is currently selling for a slashed price of just $215.99 on GearBest. The site is giving 11% discount on the device’s $242.85 selling price.

Electrical & Tools

This category is rife with 3D printers that will be carrying reduced price tags for a limited period of time. In line with this, the Athorbot Brother Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit, which sells for $451.66 on GearBest is now available at a discounted price of only $352.64.
You can also buy CCTREE PLA 3D Printer Filament for just $24.18, thanks to an 11% discount offered by GearBest on $27.26 selling price of the item. You can choose from a broad range of color options; however, it’s worth noting that only a few color choices have a discount.

Toys & Hobbies

You can get various toys and hobby-related items in this category, which gives a 16% off on $35.63 sale price of WPL B – 1 1:16 Mini Off-road RC Military truck. With the aforesaid discount, you can now buy the off-road truck for just $29.99.

This section also features Xiaomi MITU DIY Mobile Phone Control Robot, which ideally carries a price tag of $119.90, but is currently available at a discounted price of only $93.99. This promo will end in 6 days and there were 67 pieces left.

Outdoors & Sports

Adventure junkies are in for a treat as well. GearBest is giving 28% off on 60L Tactical Combination Type Backpack, reducing its sale price to only $29.80. It’s worth noting that the backpack sells for $41.41 without the discount.
Apart from that, there’s 25% off on iGPSPORT iGS20E Wireless Luminous Bike Computer, which is featured in this category. The black color version of the item can now be bought for just $39.99.

Home & Garden

If you love to keep your home and garden clean and tidy without spending a fortune, you’ve come to the right place. GearBest is giving massive discounts on multiple items that will help you keep your home and garden looking good.

For instance, you can buy 5 pieces of Retro World Map Printed Canvas Print Unframed Wall Art at a discounted price of $6.99. This is a massive 52% reduction in the item’s real sale price.

LED Lights & Flashlights

This segment features a myriad of awe-inspiring items that can give your home or office an elegant touch without emptying your pocket. For instance, the beautiful LEDs Rose Flower Fairy String Lights is available for only $1.70, which is 33% reduction in the item’s $2.54 selling price.

Apart from that, you can buy Brelong Simple Annular LED Pendant which is currently up for grabs in this category for a discounted price of $112.33. The original selling price of the item is $180.85.

ESSENTIAL Spring Fashion

If you’re fashion-conscious but do not want to spend a lot of money on stylish clothes, we have good news for you. You can now get noteworthy discounts on some good looking jackets and other items in this category.

There’s 36% off on PU Leather Stand Collar Horizontal Zipper Epaulet Rib Spliced Long Sleeves Men’s Slimming Jacket, which carries a price tag of $38.42 without the discount. However, you can now buy the black jacket for just $24.71.

Health & Beauty

This category comprises various items that help you stay fit and on top of that, they are currently available for discounted price. For instance, the YESHM YHB1321 Bamboo Wooden Body Fat Scales which sells for $59.35 is now available for just $43.09 on GearBest.
You can head straight to this link to check out rest of the products and take advantage of the promo before it comes to an end.