Android P Adds Screen Rotate Button To Navigation Bar

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The first developer preview of the Android P was released yesterday and the internet has been flooded with tens of posts about the new features it brings.

Android P Rotate Button

A new discovery is the addition of the screen rotate button to the navigation button. Android already has a rotate button in the quick settings menu which lets you set the screen’s orientation to portrait, landscape, or auto-rotate.

The new button is useful for those times when you need to view what’s currently on your screen in a mode other than the default you have set your phone too.

Android P Rotate Button

For example, let’s say you want to view a webpage in landscape mode while the phone is set to portrait. When you turn the phone to the landscape position, the button appears on the far left corner of the navigation bar. Tap it and your screen changes orientation. The same applies to when switching back to portrait mode.

If you switch apps, the orientation of the current app remains the default the phone is set to and not that of the app you just exited.

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If you are familiar with Android, you already know some of the features in developer previews may not make it to the stable version. Nevertheless, we’d like to hear your opinion on this new feature.