HMD Global Is Bringing Back The Nokia X, Launches April 27

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Do you remember the Nokia X? It was Nokia’s first Android smartphone that never felt like an Android phone. I’m sure Nokia doesn’t want you to remember because it was pretty much a failure. HMD Global, on the other hand, wants to bring it back on April 27.

Yes, photos have revealed that HMD Global has a launch scheduled for April 27 in China and the device is called the Nokia X. The photos show digital signposts that have silhouettes of two phones crossed against each other to form an X and the date of the launch- 27th of April.

Nokia X digital poster

The few details we can make out of the image is that the phone has a 2.5D curved display and a metal back. The metal body is also curved at the corners.

The upcoming Nokia X is a big surprise as no-one seems to have heard of it before now. We can’t say if it will be a mid-range phone or a flagship device. Nevertheless, we believe HMD Global will want to keep a tight lip until the launch day.

Nokia X digital poster

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Thinking of it now, what if this isn’t called Nokia X (ex) but the Nokia X (10/Ten)? We can’t rule out that possibility seeing as its previous models are named after numbers. If that is the case, then this is a flagship device if we are to go by the trend that the higher the number, the more powerful the device.